Edward Marc Brands Elevates Promise Confections Group in a Strategic Merger
Edward Marc Brands Elevates Promise Confections Group in a Strategic Merger

Internalization of Manufacturing Powers Faster Go-To-Market Executions

PITTSBURGH, PA, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Edward Marc Brands proudly announces a transformative merger with Promise Confections, encompassing subsidiaries Annabelle’s Candy Co., Pearson’s Candy Co., and Seattle Gourmet Foods, forming a robust portfolio within Promise Holdings, LLC.

This strategic alliance propels our united enterprise to harness a synergistic portfolio, merging well-established brands, a history of operational excellence, a thriving innovation pipeline, and seasoned leadership teams to position ourselves as leaders in the confectionery and snack industries.

“The merger aligns seamlessly with Promise Holdings’ vision of a stronger, more innovative, creative, and forward-thinking company. As Promise Confections embraces this transformative merger, we eagerly anticipate the infusion of Edward Marc Brands’ leadership, and we look forward to crafting a prosperous legacy together,” said Gordon C.C. Liao and Jacqueline Brooks, Founders & Managing Partners of Promise Holdings.

Collectively, Promise Confections stands stronger today, uniting a high-quality, geographically diverse manufacturing network across multiple confectionery platforms, alongside a fast-growing innovation powerhouse.

“This merger reflects our commitment to sustainable growth and progress. Bringing together four dynamic companies, each with unique strengths and resources, we are confident that this partnership will pave the way for a prosperous and mutually beneficial future,” said Michael McGee, CEO of Edward Marc Brands, who assumes the same role over the Promise Confections group.

Promise Confections and Edward Marc Brands are set to create a ‘remarcable’ legacy of indulgence and sweet delight.

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Combined Portfolio Excellence: The merger seamlessly blends the innovation of Edward Marc with the timeless classics of Promise Confections. From artisanal creations to time-honored favorites, our united portfolio promises a diverse confectionery experience.

Leadership Ascension: With this merger, the executive leadership team from Edward Marc joins seasoned leaders at Promise Confections to ensure a seamless integration of expertise, service, creative vision, and strategic direction to drive enterprise success.

Operational Synergy: Leveraging operational excellence, the merger aims to streamline and internalize some manufacturing capabilities, enabling faster go-to-market executions.

Innovation Collaboration: The combined strength in innovation ensures a steady flow of exciting new products. Together, we are committed to staying ahead of industry trends and delighting customers with unique confectionery experiences.

Edward Marc Brands is an award-winning manufacturer of ‘remarcable’ everyday chocolate and confectionery products. Edward Marc offers a wide range of gourmet confections for every occasion, from everyday snacking to unique gifting and seasonal opportunities. The Snappers® product line sets the standard for cluster innovation and features legendary soft caramel. At Edward Marc Chocolatier, we are passionate about crafting exceptional products and pushing the boundaries of traditional confectionery, and our Edward Marc Sweet Shop line moves the business into the perimeter of the store. As the new confectionary licensee for Girl Scouts of the USA, we are excited to further unleash our innovation capabilities through this iconic and beloved brand. https://www.edwardmarc.com

Pearson’s Candy Company is an innovative candy creator, crafting Minnesota’s finest confections and making everyday moments sweeter since 1909. Today, Pearson’s Candy Company continues their legacy by crafting everyday treats loved by generations that include the Salted Nut Roll, Mint Patties, Nut Goodie, and BUN. https://pearsonscandy.com/

Annabelle Candy Company has been home to legendary candy bars that include Abba-Zaba®, Rocky Road®, Big Hunk®, U-NO®, and Look!® for over 70 years. Annabelle’s is a candy manufacturer whose heritage candy bars deliver sweet nostalgia to longtime customers while unique flavor innovations attract new generations of candy lovers. https://annabellecandy.com

Seattle Gourmet Foods, manufacturer of Dilettante Chocolates and Myntz! breath mints, has been committed to manufacturing premium food and confections for almost 30 years. Our focus is on sourcing the finest ingredients and supplying consistent quality for our brands, contract manufacturing partnerships, and private label manufacturing partners. Specializing in chocolate panning, enrobing, and compressed tableting. https://www.seattlegourmetfoods.com

Promise Holdings LLC, is a private holding company formed to invest in and help operate early and late-stage businesses, primarily in the dynamic Consumer industry. We bring a high-energy, fun, entrepreneurial spirit to every company, person, and situation. We invest and help co-found start-ups, as well as acquire older, more established companies. Our only investment criteria are: Great people, Great ideas, and Great fun. Our Promise to everyone we meet is that we always work with high integrity, high energy, high impact and high trust. https://www.promise-holdings.com


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