East Coast Firewood Makes Investments to Enhance Their Product Offering In The U.S. and Expand Their International Reach
East Coast Firewood Makes Investments to Enhance Their Product Offering In The U.S. and Expand Their International Reach

East Coast Firewood is increasing the availability and portfolio of high-quality wood products and services to customers in the United States and beyond.

MONCURE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — East Coast Firewood (ECF); a division of Hunt Forest Resources (HFR), a provider of a diverse line of forest management services, and a supplier of sustainably sourced forest product raw materials; is strengthening its position as one of the Southeast’s largest and most diverse firewood producers. By increasing the availability of high-quality kiln-dried hardwood firewood products and services to customers, ECF is determined to meet the obligations of its motto — Exceptional is the Expectation.

By taking a customer-focused approach, ECF proudly serves many local restaurants, retail partners, distributors, and residential clients with NCDA-certified kiln-dried firewood and other specialty products. Their NCDA-certified kiln-dried firewood products exceed all state, national, and international regulations and they are certified to be pest and mold-spore-free, meaning they can legally and ethically be transported across all state lines and used in all state and national parks and campgrounds. “We strive to provide products and customer experiences that exceed expectations,” stated Jason Hoyle, Vice President of Operations. “East Coast Firewood produces a high-quality, cooking and smoking wood product line, along with premium kiln-dried hardwood firewood, that is American-made and sustainably sourced in the Southeast, a region of the United States known as ‘the strongest wood basket in the world.’ We are very proud of this, and we are excited about how these recent developments and infrastructure upgrades will help better serve our local communities and even have an international impact with the distribution of exceptional firewood products.” To support its impressive growth and forward-thinking strategy, ECF is currently undergoing a major rebrand marketing strategy update in 2024.

ECF is committed to playing a pivotal role in boosting the economic landscape of central North Carolina and beyond. They look to achieve this by consistently incorporating technological advancements and enhancing manufacturing processes, bolstered by continuous fleet expansion. The company actively engages with the Chatham County Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation, demonstrating its dedication to regional economic development. Recent collaborations with key entities like the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Forest Products International Marketing Team and their Got To Be NC initiative, the Small Business and Technology Development Center, and the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina underline a shared objective — to extend the reach of high-quality North Carolina-manufactured goods and services to the global market.

ECF primarily operates from a 30-acre site in Chatham County, North Carolina, and with its synergy with the affiliated companies Hunt Forest Resources and Hunt Forest Products, ECF benefits from the raw material being sourced through various methods, which eliminates the need to burn or grind a substantial amount of wood waste material that becomes available from development and land clearing sites. The woodyards, strategically located in Sanford, Youngsville, and Spring Hope, allow tree service professionals and wood dealers to sell their wood products, including some of the raw materials necessary for firewood operations. These facilities provide a win-win scenario for all parties involved, providing an outlet for the raw materials to developers and timber harvesters and an additional supply chain for ECF.

ECF operates seven dry kilns, boasting a combined 72-cord capacity (a single cord of wood equates to approximately 600-800 pieces). The kilns play the primary role in the reduction of moisture content in kiln-dried firewood products, resulting in a cleaner and more uniform burn. ECF’s ongoing investment in inventory demonstrates their commitment to serving the local market, to ensuring firewood is readily available for pickup and delivery and making them easily accessible to everyone across the state and even globally.

ECF’s investment in a high-tech Pezzolato machine at their Chatham County location has assisted in elevating production capabilities through increased product diversity and additional production capabilities, which has provided the ability to manufacture specialty wood products on a larger scale for existing and new customer segments. Incorporating this state-of-the-art equipment into ECF’s production process will also enable the company to elevate the overall quality of its wood manufacturing processes, create new and innovative products, and ensure they continue to play a vital role in creating and maintaining the industry’s highest standards. “Pezzolato is a renowned Italian manufacturer known for crafting high-performance machinery for wood processing. They have a strong reputation for durability and high-tech features, which aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver superior quality and efficiency in producing firewood,” says Hoyle.

ECF adeptly meets customer needs through the efficient management of a 60,000-square-foot warehouse situated north of Raleigh. At present, this expansive facility houses around 200 tractor-trailer loads of ECF kiln-dried hardwood firewood bundles. This vast inventory stands ready to swiftly replenish distribution channels, serving retailers, campgrounds, State Parks, and other sales networks. The strategic positioning of this warehouse brings about a transformative approach to addressing seasonal weather challenges in local communities, providing reliable solutions for coping with extreme cold, storms, and power disruptions. “Using our warehouse facility to house inventory at a greater level will help us meet our customers’ demands. Whether you’re a restaurateur, pitmaster, wholesale distributor, grocery store, big-box retailer, homeowner, or anyone needing top-notch firewood, we can accommodate those needs without fail,” says Hoyle.

ECF prides itself in being a central North Carolina business engaged in every aspect of producing its firewood products, ensuring the highest quality control throughout each step of the supply chain, which is vital to helping sustain America’s #1 renewable resource. “We authentically believe in good forest stewardship and educating our landowners about the benefits of proper forestry practices. Ultimately, we cannot thrive in years to come if we aren’t serious about our efforts to conduct proper reforestation and replanting, which is why ECF is a subsidiary of Hunt Forest Resources,” says Jason Hoyle, Vice President of Operations at East Coast Firewood.

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