Corveus Medical Named Category Winner at Junkosha Innovator of the Year Award Ceremony

Tyler Melton, CEO and Co-Founder of Corveus Medical

Corveus Medical developing novel, catheter-based solution for chronic heart failure, which treats a root cause of the disease by targeting a single nerve branch

CHELTENHAM, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, June 7, 2024 / — Junkosha, known for pioneering advanced fluoropolymer technologies in medical devices and microwave interconnect sectors, has named Corveus Medical as the category winner in its second Technology Innovator of the Year Award. From among the four finalists in the 2023-2024 cohort, the Houston-based MedTech startup was determined by a panel of judges as deserving of recognition for its innovative approach in the delivery of products used within interventional medical procedures.

Corveus Medical has developed a catheter to help the millions of congestive heart failure patients around the world, specifically those who are unresponsive to current treatments. This one-time procedure provides a minimally invasive solution to essentially “switch off” the nerve signal, reducing the progression of the disease. Corveus’ device targets a single nerve branch, which has shown promising results in patients with heart failure in published literature. By severing this nerve using direct energy, this method alleviates symptoms, lowers fluid congestion in the heart, and provides a treatment for patients who currently have no effective options. Unlike current ablation therapies, Corveus Medical’s device offers precision targeting, minimizes collateral tissue damage, and ensures confident treatment. The team has undergone pre-clinical studies, demonstrating feasibility and safety.

“We are extremely honored to be selected as the Category Winner of the Junkosha Innovator of the Year Award,” said Tyler Melton, CEO and Co-Founder of Corveus Medical. “Being recognized by Junkosha, an international institution in the medical device industry, is a significant moment for Corveus Medical as we move forward on our path to treat congestive heart failure. We want to say a special thanks to the judges on the selection committee for choosing Corveus for this accolade.”

The Technology Innovator of the Year Award is an international program, designed to showcase the achievements of pioneers in microwave technologies and medical device sectors together with their contributions to society. The Award has garnered significant interest from entrants worldwide during this year’s cycle, the organization’s second iteration. A year-long scheme, eleven shortlisted candidates were invited to be interviewed by a panel of highly respected judges chosen for their industry credentials.

“Innovation is the heartbeat of the medical technology industry and the Technology Innovator of the Year Award program aims to play a role in ensuring that there is space for that innovation to occur,” said Joe Rowan, the Chairperson of the Award. “Most importantly the ground-breaking products, like Corveus Medical’s minimally invasive device, have the potential to address the burden of congestive heart failure within healthcare systems and to provide meaningful impact when it comes to improving patients’ health.”

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Junkosha Technology Innovator of the Year Award Ceremony 2024

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