Coolcaa Sports to Unveil 7 New Products Ahead of Spring Season

Innovative Water Sports Company Seeks to Bring Inflatable Water Products to a Broader Audience

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2024 / — Today, Coolcaa Sports, a paddleboard company specializing in inflatable standup paddle boards (SUPs) announced the addition of 7 new products to their lineup of water sports gear and accessories. Coolcaa Sports is popular throughout Germany and the United States as a premium inflatable paddleboard brand, known for its innovative designs, durable material selections, and quality manufacturing processes. By launching additional products in this market, Coolcaa is providing outdoor enthusiasts with new options for the upcoming warm weather.

The CEO of Coolcaa had this to say, “Selling 30,000 paddleboards last year was just the beginning. Our designs have wowed enthusiasts with unparalleled stability and maneuverability that’s second to none.” He also claimed that Coolcaa Paddle Board is the most stable and functional paddleboard in the industry. With such an impressive delivery track record, onlookers will be eager to see how the new products advance the mission of the company while staying true to their roots and catering to initial fans.

Seasoned riders and new paddleboarders alike will be interested to learn the names and preliminary specs of each of the new 7 products in the 2024 collection from Coolcaa. A sneak peek of some of the products was provided by Coolcaa and are listed below for reference:

11’6 x 34″ OceanBlaze Paddleboard

11’8 x 34″ AnchorWing Paddler

11’8 x 34″ MapleMarlin Paddleboard

12’8 x 38″ SEAL Inflatable Kayak

10′ x 10′ Blue Ice Inflatable Dock

4’9 x 3’2 Inflatable Dog Water Ramp

Those familiar with the existing lineup of products from Coolcaa will note these new products are not all inflatable paddleboards, thus signifying that Coolcaa is catering to a growing and diverse audience interested in different kinds of inflatable water products. In particular, the kayak, dock, and dog water ramp are a marked divergence from the company’s products at inception.

By diversifying their product offerings, Coolcaa hopes to bring the benefits of adventure and the freedom to explore local waters to a broader audience. This is in line with Coolcaa’s original mission of making water sports more accessible to those without the means of storing or transporting bulky recreational items. This spirit of inclusivity is evident in the existing and new lineup of products.

Spending more time outdoors is a noticeable trend among many generations seeking less screentime on their devices, but they may not all wish to use paddleboards for this recreation time. Therefore, inflatable kayaks, docks, and canine water ramps are a welcomed addition to anyone looking to branch out while sticking with the quality name of Coolcaa. And the new inflatable stand up paddleboards will resonate with existing fans, who will appreciate the longer bases. Especially in regard to inflatable paddle boards, bigger ones are almost always better because longer boards improve stability and flotation. Navigating challenging waterways will be easier thanks to these new products, clearly designed with the users in mind.

We don’t yet have details on price or specific launch dates so stay tuned and get ready to dive into the new era of water sports made possible by Coolcaa.

About Coolcaa Sports: Coolcaa Sports is a water sports products company based in California. Founded in 2023, Coolcaa has designed, produced, and distributed over 30,000 paddleboards as well as kayak kits, paddles, and other water accessories.


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