CM’s New BatteryStar Preparing To Set A New Trend In Material Handling
CM’s New BatteryStar Preparing To Set A New Trend In Material Handling

CM’s new electric chain hoist is battery operated which allows more people to have an easy and convenient lifting solution.

NAPPANEE, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2024 / — CM has officially released their new electric chain hoist, the BatteryStar, available for pre-order today with full production beginning in September. Recently, there has been an increasing demand from consumers for any tool that is battery operated, and the lifting world is no exception. This new hoist offers convenience and simplicity while eliminating the need for a “direct wired” power connection to operate the hoist. An added benefit is that its power source is the Milwaukee M18 battery, a common power tool battery that many people already have easy access to.

“The hype being generated around this specific product is a result of where it is positioned in the current marketplace and lineup of CM hoist models. Currently manual hoists can be slow and require more effort than someone desires. While electric chain hoists have speed and are easy to operate but need a “direct wired” power supply installed prior to operation. This adds further limitations for consumers where that type of power is not readily available.” says Brandon Hershberger, Director of Marketing at PWI.

After receiving the new BatteryStar hoist, customers can easily mount it without wiring into a power source which gives them the ability to use the hoist right away at an operating speed that is convenient and requires no physical effort. The hoist comes with a wireless remote control so workers can operate the hoist safely from a distance. When the worker is finished, they can easily relocate their hoist to a new location.

Hershberger said, “Now the average workshop can utilize the CM BatteryStar to deploy a lifting solution that is quick, safe, and convenient.”

The CM BatteryStar allows people to have a lifting solution that doesn’t require a power source and is faster to operate. Hershberger adds, “The question everyone will be asking is, “How much can I increase my productivity now that some of the limiting factors with current models are no longer an issue with the BatteryStar?”.

If the CM BatteryStar would fit your application. Head on over to to pre-order the CM BatteryStar hoist today!

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