Waterlabs AI Expands Focus on Provider and Payer Technology With New COO Nikhil Dinker
Waterlabs AI Expands Focus on Provider and Payer Technology With New COO Nikhil Dinker

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Nov 29, 2023

1,800+ RCM Staff Improves Collections, Scales Quickly, and Reduces your AR Days using AI-enabled RCM software solutions.

Waterlabs AI LLC, a leading provider of outsourced revenue cycle management and other AI-enabled RCM automation solutions, today announced the hiring of Nikhil Dinker as Chief Operating Officer in charge of expanding services to provider and payors and product development roadmap. Waterlabs AI currently provides AMA-approved Multi-specialty Medical Coding Automation Solutions, risk adjustment, HCC coding, Patented bulk claim status and EV gateway, real-time API interfaces, EDI to 3600+ payors, end-to-end RCM workflow solutions, and other services to payers and providers, leveraging its expertise in RCM.

Nikhil has twenty-four years of experience in Sales Support, Process Transformation, Product Solutions, Transition, and Operations Management across the RCM value chain spanning several Fortune 100 organizations. He most recently served as Director of RCM Operations and Portfolio Delivery Lead in Cognizant, leading the end-to-end RCM portfolio spanning across the US, India, and Philippines.

Waterlabs AI LLC began its operations four years ago, enabling providers to utilize the company’s large, experienced talent pool and state-of-the-art RCM automation solutions. Waterlabs AI consulting model, ability to deploy teams within short notice, analytics, and automation technologies increase your collections by a minimum of 15% and reduce your AR days drastically. Our AMA-approved Medical Coding Automation Portal improves coder productivity by over 40%.

“While the bulk of our business today is on the RCM services side, revenue from our SAAS-based RCM automation tools has been growing significantly as we take advantage of our unique consulting model and associated investments in people and technology,” said Kamal Raj, President & CEO of Waterlabs AI.

Source: Waterlabs AI LLC

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