VPBS Announces an Upcoming Book Release on S Corporations

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Dec 21, 2023

Kimberley E. Pollard’s New Book Release Titled ‘The Essential Guide to S Corporations — How to Make Your Business the ICING on the CAKE’

Embark on a journey through the complex world of S Corporations with Kimberley E. Pollard, your expert guide and author of “The Essential Guide to S Corporations — How to Make Your Business the ICING on the CAKE.” With her extensive experience and friendly demeanor, Pollard transcends borders in a domain where S Corporations are relevant universally as a federal tax choice. 

As an entrepreneur and seasoned author, Pollard has navigated the subtleties or S corporations firsthand. She understands the challenges business owners face with S corporation election and offers her valuable insights to help you elevate your business. 

“The Essential Guide to S Corporations — How to Make Your Business the ICING on the CAKE” is a resource that goes beyond geographical limits. It’s like having a chat with a mentor who stands ready to guide you through the S corporation maze. This book simplifies complex concepts and provides actionable advice for entrepreneurs around the globe. Pollard’s accessible style and practical stories will engage and motivate you, whether you’re new to S corporations or refining your current setup. 

Join Kimberley E. Pollard on this informative expedition. Click here to order your copy online and unlock a wealth of knowledge that could set your business apart. Take this chance to deepen your understanding of S Corporations with Pollard as your trusted advisor. 

Kimberley E. Pollard is a renowned author and seasoned business expert with a rich background in tax practice and entrepreneurship. Her transition from launching her ventures to guiding fellow entrepreneurs showcases her commitment and adaptability. Pollard is celebrated for her accessible demeanor, her ability to connect with her audience, and her earnest dedication to assisting business owners in navigating the complexities of S corporations with success. 

Source: Vantage Point Business Services Corp

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