VerraDyne LLC Awarded Major Legacy Modernization Project With a State Educational Organization

Press Release

Nov 7, 2023

VerraDyne LLC has been awarded a major legacy migration project with an educational institution in the United States. The contract is to convert their legacy COBOL code to C#.

VerraDyne LLC, a world leader in legacy modernization, announced today that it has been awarded a contract to modernize the legacy support systems of a large educational institution in the United States. 

The project will migrate more than one million lines of COBOL source code to C# on .NET and the screens to a modern interface using Winforms. VerraDyne’s Lexicon toolset will automate the migration process, which includes all code, scripts, and data. The modernized systems will be implemented in more than 150 school districts, enabling them to take advantage of the changing technology market by allowing access to a larger resource pool, a wider range of applications, and increased developer productivity. VerraDyne LLC is based in California and has a reputation for delivering projects on time and at a fixed rate.

VerraDyne LLC is a world leader in Legacy Migration. The Lexicon toolset was developed over many years to highly automate the process of modernization. Based in California, VerraDyne has a reputation for delivering projects on time and at a fixed rate.

Source: VerraDyne LLC

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