USAT Appoints Tyler Larkin as Vice President, Enhancing Leadership in Wireless Communication Solutions

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Oct 18, 2023

USAT LLC, a renowned leader in wireless 4G, 5G, and LoRaWan connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Tyler Larkin as their new Vice President.

USAT LLC, a renowned leader in wireless communication solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Tyler Larkin as the new Vice President. In this role, Mr. Larkin will play a pivotal part in advancing USAT LLC’s mission to revolutionize organizations’ mission-critical operations through cutting-edge wireless communication solutions.

Tyler Larkin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role. Before joining USAT, Mr. Larkin held key positions at CTIconnect, LLC, where he served as the Senior Vice President of Operations and the Senior Vice President of Revenue. In these roles, he demonstrated outstanding leadership by identifying gaps in existing systems and processes, driving revenue growth, ensuring scalability, and enhancing operational efficiency. Mr. Larkin’s innovative approach and strategic vision resulted in remarkable achievements, including a 50% growth in revenue through the implementation of new business segments and sales methodologies.

Tyler Larkin’s extensive experience also includes leadership roles at Tessco Technologies, where he excelled in various sales leadership positions, departing as their Vice President of VAR and Integrator Sales. He earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Towson University and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science from the University of Delaware.

“We are thrilled to welcome Tyler Larkin to our team as the Vice President of USAT LLC. His proven track record in revolutionizing operations and driving revenue growth with a Service-First mindset aligns perfectly with our mission,” said Dave Walton, Data Division President of MCA (USAT LLC’s parent company). “With his leadership, we are confident in our ability to continue providing innovative and secure wireless communication solutions to our clients, enhancing their efficiency and productivity.”

As the new Vice President of USAT LLC, a leading subsidiary under the Mobile Communications America umbrella, Mr. Larkin will lead USAT in optimizing clients’ operations through robust wireless communication solutions for data acquisition. 

Mr. Larkin’s expertise in developing go-to-market strategies, expanding product offerings, and enhancing customer relationships will be instrumental in USAT LLC’s continued success. His appointment reinforces the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge wireless communication solutions that meet the unique requirements and budgets of clients’ wireless connectivity initiatives.

Source: USAT LLC

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