United States Patent Granted to Digitho Technologies Inc. for Groundbreaking Photomask Technology

Press Release

Apr 11, 2024

Transforming Photolithography: Digitho Technologies Inc. Receives Inaugural U.S. Patent for Programmable Photomask Technology

Digitho Technologies Inc., a pioneering force in photolithography advancements, is thrilled to announce the receipt of its inaugural patent in the United States, recognizing its groundbreaking core technology: a programmable photolithography mask and system.

This patented technology introduces a revolutionary programmable photomask, revolutionizing the photolithography process crucial in semiconductor microfabrication. The innovation brings direct writing capabilities to conventional photomask systems, featuring reconfigurable pixels capable of printing unique patterns with each light exposure.

The granting of this patent signifies a momentous achievement for Digitho Technologies Inc., reaffirming its dedication to innovation and solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the photolithography arena.

About Digitho Technologies, Inc.

Digitho Technologies Inc. is a leading innovator in photolithography, dedicated to enhancing microfabrication and semiconductor fabrication processes. Based in Sherbrooke, Canada, Digitho Technologies Inc. is committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive the future of technology.

Source: Digitho Technologies Inc.

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