The Philos Project Organizes Christians to March in Los Angeles in Support of Israel and Jewish Students

Press Release

May 8, 2024

This L.A. march comes after a successful march in New York City at Columbia University

The Philos Project will march in Los Angeles, CA, with thousands of other Christians in support of Israel and Jewish students on campuses across the United States. The date of the march, May 8th, is intentional. May 8th commemorates VE (Victory in Europe) Day, when the Allied Forces were victorious over Nazi Germany.

Luke Moon, Executive Director of the Philos Project, stated, “In this pivotal moment where Jews are direct targets for vile antisemitism and acts of terror around the world and here in the U.S., my expectation is for Christians to stand shoulder to shoulder against the evil we are seeing in our world today. Moral clarity is needed, and Christians should be the first to set the example in this scenario.”

As a Christian organization, The Philos Project calls on Christians of every denomination and tradition to put aside our differences and unite against evil. There is no perfect spokesperson for this cause, but it is crucial now more than ever for Christians to show up in this pivotal moment.

Worship, pray, and march with us in Los Angeles, California, tomorrow, May 8th.

The Philos Project is a Christian nonprofit that reconnects Christians to the birthplace of their faith in Israel and educates Christians to become advocates for Israel and the Jewish people. To help fund more marches like this one, donate here:

To join us at the march:

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