Signals Announces Demand Gen Summit Keynote Speakers Kelly Hopping, CMO, and John Eitel, CRO, from Demandbase

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Nov 7, 2023

Signals to host the Demand Gen Summit with Keynote speakers Kelly Hopping and John Eitel from Demandbase. The Summit will be a free one-day virtual event featuring 30+ live and pre-recorded speaker sessions and will take place on November 15th, 2023, at 9 a.m. PST.

Signals, the leading AI marketing tool, today announced the Keynote speakers for the upcoming Demand Gen Summit Fall 2023, featuring keynote speakers Kelly Hopping, Chief Marketing Officer at Demandbase and John Eitel, Chief Revenue Officer at Demandbase. The event will take place on November 15th at 9 a.m. PST and will start with the anticipated keynote where John and Kelly will discuss elevating alignment across marketing, sales, and customer success. 

Attendees of the Summit will have the opportunity to hear from 30+ experts in the industry and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies for generating demand in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. Speakers will cover the future of demand generation, how AI fits into future opportunities, along with best practices and success stories. 

The following speakers will be featured at the Demand Gen Summit: 

  • Vladimir Blagojević, Co-Founder of
  • Jonathan Bland, Co-Founder of Omni Lab
  • Jason Steele, Co-Founder of Omni Lab
  • Mark Kilens, CEO and Co-Founder of TACK
  • Jen Allen, Evangelist Partner at Lavendar
  • Kris Rudeegraap, CEO at Sendoso
  • Timothy Hughes, CEO and Co-Founder at DLA Ignite
  • Julianne S Martin, CMO at Above The Fold
  • Matthew Ward, Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group
  • Scott Rhodes, Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group
  • Daniel Priestly, Founder of Dent Global
  • Thomas Helfrich, Chief Executive Officer at
  • Amarpreet Kalkat, Founder and CEO of
  • Sonia Dumas, Founder of Curio Haus
  • DeAnna Ransom, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Red Monkey Consulting
  • Ollie Whitfield, Marketing Team Lead at VanillaSoft
  • Lianna Kinard, Chief Marketing Officer at The Buckner Company
  • Hana Jacover, Board Member of Women in Revenue
  • Mason Cosby, Founder of Scrappy ABM

The Demand Gen Summit is a must-attend event that will be broadcast from, YouTube, and LinkedIn, providing easy access for all attendees. In addition to the presentations, the Demand Gen Awards will be announced at the event, recognizing Demand Gen Engineers, Practitioners, Strategists, and Thought Leaders who are crowd-nominated and voted on.  

To register for free or to vote for Demand Gen leaders awards, go to 

About Signals:  

Signals is the first of its class as an award-winning Analytics and AI solution, allowing you to segment, identify, and convert web traffic with automated workflows. This allows businesses to cut through the noise and make better use of their marketing automation and one-to-one sales motions. Signals is trusted and used by industry-leading tech companies such as ObservePoint, OpenTable, DOMO, Pantheon, and more. Signals have helped their customers create highly qualified leads, by using AI to interpret the buyer’s signals. Learn about your future buyers at

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