Signals Announces AI Revenue Summit’s Keynote Speaker Dave Elkington, Founder of InsideSales and Co-Founder of Signals and Silicon Slopes

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updated: Aug 15, 2023 11:46 MDT

Signals today announced the AI Revenue Summit full speaker list and keynote speaker, Founder Dave Elkington.

Signals, a pioneering AI marketing tool, today announced the keynote speaker for the AI Revenue Summit will be Dave Elkington, founder of InsideSales and co-founder of Signals and Silicon Slopes. Featuring 30 live and pre-recorded speaker sessions, the free one-day virtual event takes place on Aug. 16, 2023, at 9 a.m. PT.   

Attendees of the Summit will have the opportunity to participate in four-plus hours of live presentations along with over 15 hours of exclusively pre-recorded presentations. The Summit will cover a range of topics including “Sales and AI,” “Marketing and AI,” and “GTM AI.”  

The following speakers will be featured at the AI Revenue Summit:   

  • Dave Elkington, Founder of InsideSales and Co-Founder of Silicon Slopes and Signals  
  • Jon Miller, CMO of Demandbase   
  • Matt Heinz, Founder and President of Heinz Marketing  
  • Ryan Staley, Founder and CEO at Whale Boss  
  • Matt Millen, Co-Founder and President at   
  • Billy Bateman, Co-Founder of Signals  
  • Scott Logan, CMO of Kronologic  
  • James Gilbert, CMO of Flip  
  • Udi Ledergor, Chief Evangelist at Gong   
  • Dan Morgese, Senior Manager, Content Strategy and Research at Gong  
  • Gabe Larsen, CMO of Kustomer  
  • Steve Error, Director of Sales at Signals   
  • Jordan Crawford, Founder of Blueprint   
  • Katie Penner, Head of Sales Development Strategy & Enablement at Sendoso  
  • Mariah West, VP of Marketing at VIB  
  • Katie Dematteis, Interim Head of Marketing at Eldritch Foundry
  • Brian Christensen, Managing Partner at All the AI  
  • Ryan Vaillancourt, VP of Sales at  
  • Maria Bross, Director of Performance Consulting at  
  • Dan Baird, Co-Founder and Product Lead at  
  • Will Aitken, Sales Content Creator at Lavender  
  • Sarah Tamilarasan, CEO at SOTAOG  
  • Ben Sternsmith, Chief Revenue Officer at Sybill  
  • Nishit Asnani, Co-Founder at Sybill  
  • M. Nadia Vincent, Executive Advisor at Digital Transformation Leaders 
  • Daniel Englebretson, Chief Customer Officer at Khronos  
  • Lauren McCormack, VP-Demand Gen Leader at Revenue Pulse  
  • Somya Kapoor, CEO of TheLoops  
  • Martin Miranda, CEO and CRO of EventStack and  
  • Jeff Crane, Founder of AI Incubated  

The event will be broadcast from, YouTube, and LinkedIn. In addition to the presentations, the AI Revenue Summit Awards will be announced at the event. These awards recognize AI Engineers, AI Practitioners, AI Strategists, and Thought Leaders who are crowd-nominated and voted.    

To register for free or to vote for AI Revenue leaders awards, go to   

About Signals:   

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