Remarks by Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen Ahead of Roundtable with Beijing University National School of Development Professors

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Thank you for hosting me today at Peking University.

As the United States and China have worked to put our economic relationship on surer footing, the work of deepening our communication has been critical.

Last fall, the United States and China established Economic and Financial Working Groups, which have met regularly since then. And my staff and I are in frequent communication with senior Chinese government officials.

I believe better understanding each other’s macroeconomic situations and policy intentions can contribute to further progress in working towards a healthy economic relationship with a level playing field that benefits firms and workers in both our countries and the global economy.

I see meeting with you today as a key opportunity to further deepen this understanding.

I spent many years in academia myself and found that exchanging ideas with fellow faculty consistently deepened my understanding and sharpened my thinking.

I know that Peking University, as China’s second oldest university, has played a pivotal role at key moments in China’s history.

And I understand that the National School of Development is not only one of the top places to study public policy and economics; it also serves as a think tank producing work on pressing and important economic issues. I know that you have deep knowledge of the history of reform in China and imagine that you also have many thoughts about the potential long-term impacts of today’s policy decisions, so I’m eager to hear your perspectives today.

Thank you again for hosting me, and I very much look forward to our discussion.


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