Merchant Fraud Journal Releases 2024 Fraud Trends Report With Insights From 10 Leading Fraud Solutions

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Jan 24, 2024

Merchant Fraud Journal’s Ecommerce Fraud Trends 2024 Report Provides Merchants With Actionable Fraud Insights From 10 Leading Fraud Prevention Solutions

Merchant Fraud Journal releases its fifth annual Ecommerce Fraud Trends report. This popular community resource presents answers from 10 leading ecommerce fraud solutions to critical questions about Generative AI, how human fraud analysts will adapt to new challenges, and more. 

The arrival of AI will see attacks evolve and adapt to fraud prevention methodologies at a pace never seen before. This year’s edition provides insights into this troubling trend as merchants try to adapt.

An industry staple, the Ecommerce Fraud Trends 2024 report is a comprehensive, trusted reference guide to prepare for what lies ahead in the face of uncertainty. It will help merchants, SMBs, and enterprise organizations do better to protect themselves by benefiting from the collective knowledge of many different experts made available to the public in a single, unbiased publication.

“Merchant Fraud Journal’s mission is to foster collaboration between fraud prevention experts, and then pass that knowledge on to merchants,” said Bradley Chalupski, Merchant Fraud Journal’s co-founder and Editor-in-Chief. “We are confident organizations of all sizes and in all verticals will find this year’s guide a valuable resource as they build strategies to prevent AI-powered ecommerce fraud attacks in the coming year.”

Source: Merchant Fraud Journal

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