Loopio Introduces Sales Knowledge Solution to Enhance Sales Productivity and Efficiency
Loopio Introduces Sales Knowledge Solution to Enhance Sales Productivity and Efficiency

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Jan 23, 2024

Loopio for Sales Knowledge empowers sales professionals with quick, accurate answers to any prospect question, wherever they’re working — including Chrome, Edge, PowerPoint, and more

Loopio, the leading response management software company, today announced the introduction of Loopio for Sales Knowledge. Designed to empower sales professionals, this advanced solution seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, ensuring any customer engagement is an opportunity to drive meaningful business results.

According to Inc., sales representatives traditionally spend 440 hours annually digging through old documents or chasing internal experts to answer customer questions about their company and offerings. Now, Loopio for Sales Knowledge can help revenue-generating teams address these questions promptly and accurately. Built with native integrations in messaging and productivity apps, combined with browser extensions that work across email, sales, and other web tools, sales teams can use Loopio for Sales Knowledge to search for and generate answers to customer questions seamlessly in their flow of work. 

“Loopio’s approach to response management goes beyond the traditional scope of RFPs,” says Matt York, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Loopio. “The ability to give customers effective answers to their questions quickly and accurately is critical to establishing trust. This new capability will be a strategic asset for businesses looking to boost sales productivity and influence revenue growth, without sacrificing consistency or overburdening internal subject matter experts.” 

Leveraging the power of the Loopio Library — a smart knowledge base of pre-approved answers to customer questions — using Loopio for Sales Knowledge enables sales teams to:

  • Answer from anywhere they work—Sales teams can respond quickly with trustworthy, compelling answers without leaving the tools they already use, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and PowerPoint, in addition to email, productivity, and sales tools accessible via Chrome or Edge.
  • Generate sales-ready responses in seconds—Generative AI will summarize vetted content from Loopio, instantly shortening and simplifying answers into a sales-appropriate response.
  • Pick the best answers with powerful insights—Metrics tell sales teams what answers are freshly reviewed, and being used by their peers, while informing internal experts on what content to prioritize. 

To learn more about the features and benefits of using Loopio for Sales Knowledge, please visit the Loopio blog.

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