Kore.co Unveils Transformative Investment: Revolutionizing the Future of Design With Designed.co

Press Release

Dec 19, 2023

Strategic Investment Propels Global Expansion and Service Innovation, Setting the Stage for a New Era in Tech-Enabled Creativity

Kore.co, a leader in workOS platforms and tech-enabled services, is excited to announce a majority investment in Designed.co, a premier tech-enabled design agency. The deal, which closed on December 1st for an undisclosed amount, marks a monumental stride in Kore.co’s relentless pursuit of growth and expansion. This strategic alliance is set to reshape the global landscape for Designed.co and expand its service offerings. 

“Working together with The Social Plus & Kore.co is an exciting evolution for Designed.co. Continuing on the success and growth of iReview.com, a previous acquisition from my company, I have total confidence in the Designed.co’s future,” said Jeremy Lessaris, the Founder and CEO of Designed.co. “This investment isn’t just about numbers; it’s a dynamic partnership that will propel our global reach and widen the spectrum of services we deliver to our customers.” 

The Social Plus and Kore.co’s investment in Designed.co aligns with a broader vision to bolster the Kore.co portfolio of service offerings focused on local marketing. “Our investment in Designed.co is a bold leap towards the vision we have for Kore.co. The ingenuity of Designed.co’s platform and its streamlined processes brings structured organization to the rest of our tools and service offerings,” said Ornis Mala, Founder and CEO of The Social Plus Holding and Kore.co. “We’re not just investors; we’re committed partners in sculpting the success story of Designed.co, enriching their service offerings, and globalizing their reach.” 

For more information, please visit our websites: Kore.co & Designed.co.

Source: Kore.co

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