Introducing Science & Snark: Giving a Voice to Diverse Scientists, Science Lovers and Teachers

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Oct 29, 2023

Etsy shop “Science & Snark” takes gifting to the next level for science enthusiasts, scientists and science teachers.

Science & Snark is the go-to Etsy shop destination for unique gifts tailored specifically for science lovers of all kinds—from casual enthusiasts to Ph.D. science professors. With a collection of handcrafted items that “drop some science knowledge” with an edgy twist, Science & Snark is changing the game in science-themed gift-giving.

Science enthusiasts and educators alike are often on the lookout for distinctive and meaningful gifts that reflect their passion for all things scientific. Science & Snark has answered this call with a wide range of creative products that cater to a diverse audience, from chemistry aficionados to biology buffs and physics enthusiasts but with a side of snark.

Founder and owner Becky Gallant, a retired elementary science enrichment teacher, started the unique Etsy shop because she “wished to raise awareness of the importance of scientific literacy while also having a little fun.” In addition, Gallant utilizes her shop’s unique offerings to stand up to social injustice with a science twist. “I feel it’s important to fight for and preserve the basic values that all humans deserve.”

Science & Snark offers an array of products designed to captivate and educate, including apparel, mugs, stickers, ornaments, blankets, and so much more. Currently, Gallant’s top-selling items are:

  • Dihydrogen Monoxide Warning Label
  • Data Science Holographic Sticker
  • The Elements of Inclusion T-shirt

As the holiday season approaches, Science & Snark is poised to become a destination for those seeking one-of-a-kind gifts for their loved ones who are passionate about science or for the dedicated science educators who shape young minds.

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