Inaugural Entrepreneur Networking Event Triumphs at Trump Building on Wall Street
Inaugural Entrepreneur Networking Event Triumphs at Trump Building on Wall Street

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Dec 11, 2023

The first Entrepreneur Networking Event on Wall Street, hosted at the iconic Trump Building in New York on December 7th, was a resounding success, drawing over a hundred participants. This gathering provided a unique and valuable opportunity for Chinese and American entrepreneurs in New York to engage in impactful business discussions, share insights, and explore collaborative ventures. 

The event was collaboratively organized by Manhattan Primary Consulting Inc, Apexy Investments, and Milli Media. It brought together a diverse array of industry leaders, fostering an environment conducive to networking and partnership building. 

In her opening speech, CEO Linda Yang of Manhattan Primary Consulting Inc. highlighted the event’s core objective: to facilitate meaningful exchanges among local entrepreneurs, fostering precise business connections. Yang announced an exciting plan to make these events a monthly occurrence starting in 2024, demonstrating a commitment to sustained collaboration.

Founders Jun He of Apexy Investments and Eva Cai of Milli Media extended a warm welcome to attendees, expressing their anticipation for fruitful interactions and valuable insights gained from the event. 

Representing the sponsor, Kevin Chin of HAO MU PTE. LTD. (Singapore) took the stage to introduce the company’s partnership with Phenix Bio Inc. and its revolutionary products. Chin emphasized flagship products such as CUCA NMN+ for anti-aging, Empress Treasure for women seeking to maintain youthfulness and vigor, and Fit Trim for those focusing on metabolism and weight management. Chin passionately conveyed Phenix Bio Inc.’s belief that “health is wealth” and underscored the importance of making conscious choices to lead healthier lives through high-quality health supplements. The success of the inaugural Entrepreneur Networking Event not only provided a conducive environment for collaboration but also set a precedent for future gatherings, showcasing their pivotal role in fostering robust business relationships and promoting healthier lifestyles.                                     

Source: Milli Media

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