ERP Advisors Group Uncovers ERP’s Newest Cybersecurity Threat: AI
ERP Advisors Group Uncovers ERP’s Newest Cybersecurity Threat: AI

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Oct 11, 2023

On Thursday, Oct. 12, ERP Advisors Group’s ERP Expert to CEOs and CFOs Shawn Windle will be joined by special guest Security Awareness Advocate James McQuiggan for the fourth-consecutive year to educate on the cybersecurity dangers of AI and how to prevent your ERP from falling victim to this emerging threat.

Shawn Windle, founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group, and James McQuiggan, Security Awareness Advocate for KnowBe4, will bring attention to Cybersecurity Awareness Month by informing businesses on the dangers of artificial intelligence to the integrity of a business’ ERP and how it can be effectively utilized without being detrimental to vital organizational data. 

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