Equify Financial Announces Leadership Transition
Equify Financial Announces Leadership Transition

Press Release

Jan 30, 2024

Patrick Hoiby promoted to Chief Executive Officer

Equify Financial proudly announces a pivot in its leadership team. Patrick Hoiby, currently serving as President and who has played an integral role in the company since its founding, has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer. 

This transition marks a new era for Equify Financial, building upon a foundation of unwavering dedication to integrity and innovative financial solutions. With this change in leadership, Equify Financial is further poised to expand its influence in the commercial equipment finance industry.

Justin Wilks, the outgoing CEO, expressed his confidence in Patrick’s leadership: “I have had the privilege of witnessing first-hand Patrick’s incredible journey with Equify Financial. His promotion to CEO is not just a testament to his exceptional leadership skills but also to the entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep in our company’s DNA. He embodies the honesty, grit, and solution-focused mindset that have been pivotal to our success. As I pass the torch to him, I am confident that under his leadership, Equify will scale new heights, driving solutions for our clients and continuing to make a meaningful impact in the commercial equipment finance sector.”

Patrick Hoiby shared his vision for the future of Equify: “Stepping into the role of CEO at Equify Financial is an opportunity to further the vision we’ve nurtured together. I am deeply honored by the trust placed in me to lead Equify into its future. Since founding the company with the support and guidance of the Wilks family, my commitment has been to lead with integrity and always focus on financial solutions for those in the sectors we support. We will continue to innovate and grow, always keeping our clients’ success and the well-being of our team at the forefront of everything we do. As a team, we will build on our achievements and face new challenges with the same resilience and determination that have always defined us.”

Equify Financial will continue to reinforce its commitment to customer-centric service and while bringing its unique blend of integrity, grit, and solution-focused approach to a broader audience. This forward-looking strategy aligns with the dynamic, ever-evolving needs of the sectors Equify serves. Equify Financial’s next chapter is not only about sustaining the legacy built since 2011 but also about charting new territories in the realm of commercial equipment financing.

Source: Equify Financial

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