Equals Launches the First Native AI Assistant for Spreadsheets

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May 24, 2023

Meet AI Assist in Equals, the first native AI assistant in a spreadsheet that will help you write, fix and explain formulas in any cell, edit and summarize charts in your spreadsheet, and write and debug SQL queries from connected databases.

Equals, the creators of the next-gen spreadsheet, announced today the launch of the first native AI assistant for spreadsheets. Equals is a browser-based spreadsheet with built-in integrations to any database, versioning, and collaboration that now includes a powerful AI assistant called AI Assist.

Spreadsheets have been a core staple of business operations for decades, even with limitations like not being connected to live data. However, today’s business data has become separated into hundreds of other apps and building an analysis no longer starts with Excel and Sheets. Their natural state is empty. They are static. Equals has built the next-gen spreadsheet that can be connected to multiple sources of data. It provides users a way to stay in spreadsheets and create dynamic and real-time analyses. Now, Equals also offers powerful AI functionality, modernizing spreadsheets even further. By simply typing Command+J, Equals’ AI Assist feature will help the user (1) write and debug SQL queries in connected databases, (2) write, fix, and explain formulas in any cell, and (3) edit and summarize charts in the spreadsheet.

“We believe AI will fundamentally transform how users interact with software and give them superpowers. Thus, when we, at Andreesen Horowitz, sought out a startup disrupting spreadsheets with AI and more, Equals was the standout solution. Their latest innovation, the AI Assist feature, gives you superpowers in your spreadsheet,” said Kristina Shen, General Partner at Andreesen Horowitz.

Equals offers free accounts for anyone that would like to see how its AI Assist tool works. Learn more at equals.com/ai.

About Equals

Equals was co-founded by Bobby Pinero and Ben McRedmond in 2021. The company recently raised a $16 million Series A funding round led by Andreesen Horowitz to disrupt spreadsheets and rethink how they would be built today. Equals is a browser-based spreadsheet with native AI functionality. It comes with built-in integrations to data connections like SQL databases, data warehouses like Snowflake, and critical business systems like QuickBooks, Salesforce, and more.

Source: Equals

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