DragonPlate Unveils a New Series of Large Modular Connectors for Carbon Fiber Tubes

Press Release

Nov 7, 2023

DragonPlate’s Large Modular Connectors allow rapid development of more robust carbon fiber tube structures, unlocking new design possibilities.

DragonPlate, an innovator of carbon fiber composites, announced a new series of modular connectors suitable for larger roll-wrapped and braided carbon fiber tubes with inner diameters of 1.25″, 1.5″, and 1.75″. These connectors are designed to facilitate the rapid construction of carbon fiber structures across a broader range of tube sizes.

The patented aluminum connectors ensure a lightweight and robust joint and offer the flexibility to construct large, reconfigurable structures in two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. DragonPlate has engineered these connectors to facilitate the swift and reliable creation of carbon fiber tube joints without requiring specialized tools or skills.

The unique design of DragonPlate’s modular connectors eliminates the need for invasive assembly methods like drilling, which can weaken the structural integrity of carbon fiber tubes. Instead, users can achieve a superior bond by preparing the tube’s interior surface, applying the recommended Scotch-Weld 2216 epoxy, and inserting the connector.

DragonPlate’s broad selection of connector types opens the door to hundreds of potential joint configurations, offering endless possibilities for constructing durable and lightweight structures. Whether for custom automotive frameworks, innovative aerospace components, or intricate artistic installations, the only limitation is the creator’s imagination.

“DragonPlate has always been at the forefront of carbon fiber innovation. Our enhanced selection of modular connectors makes it possible to rapidly assemble larger and more robust carbon fiber structures than ever before,” said JB Alred, CEO of Allred & Associates, the parent company of DragonPlate. 

Source: DragonPlate by Allred & Associates

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