CP Development Launches Amazon Product Research Tool
CP Development Launches Amazon Product Research Tool

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Jun 12, 2024

Weboteee.com scrapes millions of product pages from Amazon every day, enabling Amazon sellers to research the right products to stock.

CP Development is proud to introduce webotee.com – a cutting-edge Amazon product research tool allowing Amazon sellers to find niche products to sell on Amazon. As dropshipping becomes more competitive than ever, and Amazon sellers face losses due to poor inventory choices, Webotee provides means to look into the product niches with growing popularity and low competition.

webotee.com is a crucial tool for anyone involved in e-commerce, offering insights into e-commerce performance on the most popular e-commerce platform of the day. Amazon is being scraped daily to gather pricing, offer count, review count and rating, and ranking per category. Each of these pieces of information is searchable and sortable by the velocity of change, so users can easily pick the most interesting products. 

Sellers can find and focus on products that have low competition but increasing user interest. The increase in user interest is reflected in the recent increase in the number of user reviews, or the category ranking. The competition is tracked by the number of offers and stock status.  

Timely data makes all the difference – as the products are being tracked daily. Sellers can find new product opportunities within 24 hours of a change in product popularity. Individual product data is shareable with users who aren’t members, so anyone can view the shared product stats. This is the only service of its kind offering limited free access, including product search and trending review. 

While searching for products several times per day on Webotee.com is free, full access including filters, sorting, and 100 results per search requires a small payment. Webotee invites users to explore its platform at https://www.webotee.com  and share their experiences.

CP Development is a software development agency based in Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 2005, CP Development has been providing web development and data scraping services to clients like Viasat, Bain & Company, and BCG for almost two decades.

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