Context Analytics Launches CAPE: Revolutionizing Financial Data Extraction for Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

Press Release

Sep 5, 2023

Context Analytics Pitchdeck Extractor

Using their proprietary processing capabilities, Context Analytics (CA) has created their newly available product, Context Analytics Pitchdeck Extractor (CAPE). CAPE centralizes pitchdeck data into a searchable database by identifying key metrics in documents. Specifically, CAPE is a software application that extracts financial data series from source-agnostic financial documents and pitch decks (Excel, Pdf, PowerPoint, .jpg, etc.) into a centralized, queryable standard data series.  

Intended for Private Equity and Venture Capital companies, CAPE’s automated process allows these firms to stop manually extracting and uploading data from their stored files. CAPE provides PE and VC users fast and efficient access to all their pitchdeck data for querying or reporting purposes – allowing them to make decisions more quickly. With CAPE, firms can pull key financial series from the numerous file types they receive from portfolio or prospect companies and turn them into a central, queryable data set.  

The Context Analytics Pitchdeck Extractor uses the same proven parsing engine that processes millions of company regulatory filings and assorted financial reports to extract financial metrics and convert them into a JSON format, allowing quick quantitative analysis, search, and plotting.  

About Context Analytics: Context Analytics is a financial data analytics company that sources, cleans, structures, and analyzes textual data for investable insights and business intelligence. Founded in 2011, CA has built Intellectual Property in four Major FinTech Areas: Sentiment Natural Language Processing, Source Agnostic Textual Parsing, Complex Topic Modeling, and Source Accuracy. CA provides the financial and marketing communities with new data sources to evaluate financial data sets, enhance returns, and reduce risk.

Source: Context Analytics Inc.

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