Cleveland Entrepreneur Goes National With the First Fashionable Hands-Free Cell Phone Case Designed for Women

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Jun 19, 2023

Brynne Moody landed a deal on a product she has been working on for six years called the Caselet.

The Caselet is the first hands-free fashionable cell phone case designed for women on the go and just launched in stores around the country just in time for summer.

“We always have our phone on us but so often don’t have a pocket to put it in. We carry a million things and misplace or drop it all the time,” says owner Brynne Moody. Brynne cannot wait to share this invention with the world that women have needed for so long.

There are two parts to this case.

1.  The cell phone case (It is a clear case with a clip on the back of it). 

2.  The Bracelet. There are five different color fashion bands and athletic bands.

When you need a free hand, you snap the Caselet bracelet that you are wearing into the back of your Caselet phone case, slip the phone on your forearm and boom you are good to go. It is perfect for summer concerts, when you are headed to the park, or even when just carrying bags while shopping.

It can be purchased on or in select Walmart stores around the country for $19.99. Bracelets are sold separately.

Brynne Moody has been an aspiring entrepreneur and inventor for a decade now.  She has struggled to make her dreams a reality while working a full-time job and raising two boys. Getting a nationwide release is a huge first step in achieving her goals of being a full-time business owner and inventor. Brynne invents products for the everyday consumer that make life easier. She hopes to inspire others to pursue their passion and goals despite the curve balls life throws at us.

Source: Caselet

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