Blue Barn Rescue Launches
Blue Barn Rescue Launches

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updated: Apr 3, 2024

Animal Welfare Organization Formed to Help Neglected, Abandoned and Abused

Blue Barn Rescue, a newly established nonprofit organization, has officially launched its mission to address the growing need to assist neglected, abandoned, and abused animals in the tri-state area and beyond. With its recent attainment of 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2024, Blue Barn Rescue is poised to make a significant impact in animal welfare efforts.

Led by a board with over a decade of collective experience in animal care and rescue, Blue Barn Rescue has established its own specialized sanctuary to cater to animals in dire need. The organization’s focus on “critical” cases, which include sick, injured, chronically ill, elderly or pregnant animals, has allowed it to offer vital support to other animal welfare organizations facing resource constraints.

“In a time where the demand for animal welfare services is at an all-time high, especially following the surge in ‘COVID-pets’ during the pandemic, Blue Barn Rescue is committed to stepping up and making a difference,” stated Mary Gunthel, President of Blue Barn Rescue. “Our team is dedicated to providing rehabilitation, adoption, and sanctuary to animals in need, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve.”

Blue Barn Rescue’s specialized sanctuary not only focuses on rehabilitation and adoption but also provides a permanent home for animals that may not find adoptive families. By addressing the unique needs of each animal, Blue Barn Rescue aims to improve their quality of life and contribute to the overall welfare of animals in the region.

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