Ava, Wizco’s New AI Interview Coach, Set to Transform the Job Market Preparation Landscape

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Nov 14, 2023

Wizco, the leading provider of interview preparation software, announced the launch of Ava, a new AI-powered interview prep engine. Ava leverages over 100,000 hours of interview data to deliver personalized, accessible, and effective interview preparation.

Wizco has launched Ava, a pioneering AI-driven interview coach that is designed to transform the way people prepare for job interviews. Ava uses data from hundreds of thousands of hours of interviews to provide personalized coaching that is tailored to each user’s unique needs. 

Ava’s interactive platform offers a comprehensive interview preparation experience that includes AI-powered insights and performance analytics. The platform simulates real-world interview scenarios, providing a dynamic and engaging way to practice. Users also receive feedback on their performance and targeted communication strategies to help them improve their interview skills. Ava has already helped users double their interview success rates, making it the ideal platform for anyone looking to prepare for a job interview.

“We believe that every individual holds unique potential,” says Amir Erez, Wizco’s Co-founder. “In our mission to unlock this potential, we’ve combined the knowledge of human expertise with cutting-edge AI to create a coaching experience that’s truly personalized, interactive, and result-driven. Wizco began its journey with more than 5,000 industry experts, providing coaching to job seekers. This rich background in personal guidance and mentorship laid the foundation for developing Ava, allowing Wizco to encapsulate years of professional insight into an advanced AI coaching system. Ava is a testament to Wizco’s commitment to empowering job seekers through innovation, offering individualized coaching that’s accessible to everyone. Our goal is to ensure that every individual is recognized and supported, helping them perform at their utmost potential.”

Try Ava for free 

Wizco invites candidates to try Ava for free, giving them a chance to experience Ava’s unique approach to interview preparation and see how a hands-on experience can help them shine during interviews.

To learn more about Ava or to get started with your own personalized session, visit Wizco’s website at www.wizco.io/ava 

About Wizco 
Wizco is a recognized leader in career development. The company melds technology and human expertise to deliver innovative career advancement solutions. With a network of over 5,000 industry experts committed to providing tailored guidance to job seekers, Wizco’s dedication to revolutionizing job preparation has solidified its reputation as a trusted name in career coaching.

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