Announcing Plotly App Studio, a Tool to Drastically Simplify Data App Development
Announcing Plotly App Studio, a Tool to Drastically Simplify Data App Development

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Nov 29, 2023

The Fall release of Dash Enterprise introduces a new offering, Plotly App Studio, enabling anyone working with Python scripts or Jupyter Notebooks to easily create and publish professional, production-ready data applications.

Following Plotly’s announcement of its highly anticipated Dash Enterprise 5.2, the company shares the details of Plotly App Studio, embracing the data science community’s love for notebook-based data analysis.

This newly unveiled feature empowers data teams to autogenerate and share interactive data applications using their Jupyter Notebooks and Python scripts with a new visual app editor. Plotly App Studio will be available as a Technology Preview in December 2023.

The product development is spearheaded by the company’s co-founder Chris Parmer, the creative force behind Dash, the widely adopted, Python-based, low-code data app development framework, with over two million monthly downloads globally.

Plotly App Studio joins the existing suite of low-code features offered in Dash Enterprise, including Design Kit, Snapshot Engine, and Dashboard Engine. The new offering takes Plotly’s low-code mission further by making it even easier for teams to create production-ready data apps quickly without prior Dash knowledge. Plotly App Studio provides: 

  • Autogenerated, editable layouts: Plotly App Studio creates fully functional data apps populated by data and graphs from a Python script or Jupyter Notebook. Moreover, the built-in visual editor enables users to easily incorporate UI/UX best practices and modify layout configurations such as size, position, and text. 
  • Rapid prototyping: A “Sync” button in Plotly App Studio enables changes made in Jupyter Notebooks or Python scripts to be instantly reflected in data apps. Thus, data scientists can iterate and respond quickly to evolving business requirements while staying within the familiar Jupyter environment.
  • Reactivity: An innovative new reactive programming API enables interactivity within the application, including filtering and model parameterization. Data scientists can build interactive UI elements and widgets into their data apps by adding a single line of code to their scripts and notebooks.

Plotly App Studio represents a monumental shift in data app development. By simplifying the journey from Jupyter Notebook to published app, this innovation enables teams to share data, insights, and models rapidly. Business users benefit by having access to rich models, data, and workflows produced by their data science teams in the form of easy-to-use interactive tools and apps directly in their web browser.

“From quantitative finance to pharmaceutical drug development, our customers build data apps to drive mission-critical business decisions around the clock. Every data app starts its journey in a Jupyter Notebook. With Plotly App Studio, it has never been easier for data scientists to build internal apps and to share their notebook-driven data, insights, and visualizations with the broader organization,” said Chris Parmer, Chief Product Officer, Plotly.

To explore Plotly App Studio and learn more about Dash Enterprise 5.2, reserve your spot for the upcoming global product celebration

Source: Plotly Technologies Inc.

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