Activate HQ Campaign Data Reveals ‘Creator’ Content is King, Performing 3X Better Than Studio Ads

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Jun 27, 2023

Creator content performs three times better than studio creative in paid social media advertising

Activate HQ, a leading influencer marketing agency, is seeing creator content perform three times better than in-studio creative in paid social media advertising across a variety of clients and industries.

“Our findings demonstrate that creator content is now king. Creators should be looked to as content providers in addition to the value they provide in terms of their influence with their followers,” says Aaron Earls, Founder and CEO.

Activate HQ has also found that the cost of creator content is often 75% less than in-studio productions and can be produced in a matter of days instead of weeks, or even months.

“The reason that creators have strong followings is they create compelling content, so it’s not surprising that their content works in paid social ads as well. Consumers are primed for short-form video content in the style of TikTok and Instagram Reels, so creator content is delivering assets made in an authentic approach that consumers can trust and relate to. We often recommend an integrated approach that leverages creator content across owned and paid social media channels, as well as our client’s website and even television,” said Alexis Maida, Co-Founder and Chief Purpose Officer.

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Source: Activate HQ

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