Zuma dating events now accepts crypto payments from event attendants

Zuma Dating Event Overveiw

Zuma accepts crypto payments from its event attendants while launching its RealB token on Polygon. Event attendants can receive free RealB tokens.

UK, May 23, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Online dating sites are becoming very popular as they offer more convenience and access to global users. However, the majority of online dating users are fake or bots which forces genuine users to spend many hours and money without getting results. As such, event-based dating services are gaining growing popularity around the world.

Zuma offers exclusive dating and networking events for singles. Zuma dating events come with simplicity, scalability and flexibility. Unlike traditional events where a user just books an offered event, in Zuma a user requests its own event (date, time, size and location). Requesting events by users gives them a simple and flexible method of meeting people while allowing Zuma to scale up its operation by aggregating events with the same attributes like date, time, size and location together. Once a user requests an event, Zuma sets up its event and notify the user and after the event, the user can run a one-to-one match with people s/he meets at the event. Click here to watch Zuma’s quick intro video.

In addition to finding soulmates, users can join Zuma events for networking or finding international travel partners. Indeed, solo travelers can join Zuma events and connect with local people in their destination country

Besides fiat currency (via PayPal, debit or credit card), Zuma now accepts two stablecoin cryptocurrencies- USDT and USDC. Zuma will also launch its own native token (RealB) in the decentralized and centralized exchanges in coming months, and will accept it for site payments. RealB is an ERC20 token deployed on Polygon blockchain network. Currently, Zuma is giving out free tokens to its physical event attendants in the following countries Armenia, Georgia, and Turkey.

Utilizing blockchain technology, Zuma offers points-based rewards to their users. Specifically, each user is allocated a particular number of points every month based on its activities. The monthly earned points are processed by a smart contract and recorded on the blockchain public ledger, and can be redeemed with RealB tokens by the users. Likewise, all Zuma site members can join its affiliate program by just simply sharing a referral link in their network and earn rewards subsequently.

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