This Week NY Art Life Magazine Hosts Designer Vanasht Rajani for a Brilliant Interview

Designer Vasisht Rajani

Dhool Dust Light

Flex Camp Light

Ideas, projects, new design trends and much more can be read in the interview given to NY Art Life Magazine by the well-known designer.

If you need to grow in Art, your first stop should be New York City.”

— Vasisht Rajani

CHELSEA, NY, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2023/ — This week Nyartlife Magazine is privileged to have interviewed an innovator in the design industry, Vasisht Rajani.

Known for his groundbreaking designs and inventive approach, Rajani continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in design. His work defies traditional norms, and he continually challenges himself to explore new territories in design.

In this exclusive interview, we will delve deeper into Rajani’s journey, explore his innovative designs – the Flex Camp Light and the Dhool Dust Light, and discuss his future plans. So, without further ado.

Interviewing Vasisht Rajani we go on a journey ‘ in design and innovation. His passion for design was ignited at a young age and this passion was what drove him to pursue a career in this field. He started his journey as a freelance designer, working on small projects and building his portfolio. His unique approach to design quickly caught the eye of industry professionals and he was soon working on larger, more challenging projects.

Rajani believes that the key to his success lies in his ability to innovate. He constantly challenges himself to think outside the box and come up with new ideas. This innovative thinking has led to the creation of some truly remarkable designs, including the Flex Camp Light and the Dhool Dust Light.

Most lamps are created to fit one specific task, but Flex can be used to light up the campsite or tent during the night. This is also important for safety, which makes the product even more practical. Vasisht mentions that the collective designs he has made have helped him concentrate on the issues he wishes to raise in his work. It has also helped me change his narrative visually, to a clearer image that people can see and engage with as they understand his inspiration.

The Dhool Dust lamp is one of its most important designs of Vasisht. He designed this lamp basing his inspiration on natural disasters, related to dust. He took inspiration from tornadoes that are caused due to deforestation. The design impersonates tornadoes and is contained in a glass exterior, showing the natural phenomenon as a small lamp. It is as if we are seeing what our actions can do in a small bubble. Vasisht is interested in showing humans’ roles in natural disasters and what elements of irresponsibility lead to these awful instances. His aim is to start the conversation and he hopes the change will start in terms of sustainability and human actions.

He is working as an industrial designer at Teams Design. This remarkable design company has a lot of clients and followers that appreciate and support their design work. Vasisht has responsibilities such as working closely on a wide range of products from basic ideation all the way to concept development. Vasisht also has a collection of his own personal designs. One of his most acclaimed designs is the Indian Traditional Miniature Furniture. Although it is laced with culture and tradition in India, it also taps into the modernity of miniature-size objects that also go as an ode to traditional designs in Indian furniture. The miniature furniture collection includes designs from different time periods and cultural areas, such as Rajasthan furniture, Kerala furniture, Goan furniture, as well as modern furniture.

You can read the full interview in NYartlife magazine. We are waiting for you.

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