Sir Gary Kong Welcomes Rising Star Artist Peter Weng to New York
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FLUSHING, NEW YORK, USA, August 30, 2023/ — Sir Gary Kong announces, A rising star, Chinese young generation, Weng Zhong【Peter Weng】a professional painter, tattoo art comes to New York for event and appointed as a teacher, and interior designer and current dean of “Shui Ying International Art Academy”.. The instructor of Peter Weng is Mr. Tongxin Li, the teacher of Yifei Chen, a world-wide renowned Chinese artist. Many Chinese Americans attended this event and photo’s were taken of the VIP Guests.

The artist is coming from Fuzhou, Fujian where he was born August 1989, his grandfather is Yukuan Chen, a well-known local folk sculpture artist. The artist has been fascinated by painting and sculpture since he was a child. Since seven-years-old, Peter was guided by his grandfather to draw stick figures, sketches and watercolors. Peter was talented, smart and studious participating in various painting art training classes attending Fujian Mawei Sunshine International College and participated in the Beijing National Art Competition and won the gold medal for his work “Rouge”. Peter immigrated to the United States in 2010 and still insisted on pursuing the dream of art.

In 2015, founded “Shui Ying Art Academy” in Brooklyn, New York to provide art training for children aged 6-18. Over the years, it has provided hundreds of high-quality candidates for major art schools in New York. Peter Weng is good at large-scale commercial “murals”. The murals he designed make the relationship between the viewer and the mural tend to be joyful and elevated, making people feel warm, intimate, and in harmony with surroundings. Since 2013, he has painted large-scale wall murals and interior designs for more than 30 chain restaurants in New York. Sir Gary Kong adds, “Peter Weng is especially good at all kinds of tattoo patterns, the highest level of creativity for different patterns for various people”. Further stating, “Tattoos represent the symbolic meaning of the soul’s sustenance, and represent a new beginning and new hope”.

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