Scientologists Spearhead Environmental Transformation in Rome
Scientologists Spearhead Environmental Transformation in Rome

Scientology VMs in Rome

Scientology VMs revitalize Rome through interfaith collaboration, sustainable initiatives, transforming communities

ROME, ITALY, August 9, 2023/ — In a display of their dedication, to an environmentally friendly future, the Church of Scientology is making waves in Rome with its impressive efforts in environmental stewardship. Going beyond just making things look nicer the Church is focused on creating practices that are leaving a lasting impact on the Eternal City.

At the forefront of this movement is the Church’s Volunteer Ministers program, inspired by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, which is playing a role in driving change worldwide. Fueled by unwavering commitment this program reaches out to those in need with disaster relief and assistance efforts. With boots on the ground, these volunteers embody the spirit of service that defines the Church becoming beacons of hope and harmony.

The effects of this Renaissance can be felt throughout Romes’s streets. A recent example is a cleanup mission led by Volunteer Ministers near the Foibe Memorial Garden.”

Spokesperson Mario Caradonna shared his experience with the project; “It was a day. We found individuals who willingly relocated to help us remove garbage from the area. Numerous passersby expressed their gratitude because they had previously reported this issue to news outlets without any action being taken. Following advice, from an AMA official we decided not to trim hedges so as not to disrupt their blossoming.” Consequently, the Foibe Memorial Garden underwent an up to remove discarded paper and bottles from both its interior and exterior areas. “We collected, over 20 bags of garbage during this effort. The collaboration between the AMA (Municipal Environmental Company) office in Ponte Milvio and the local community made it possible to gather and dispose of the waste by providing the bags” said the spokesperson.

In a show of unity, these volunteers worked hand in hand with the community, driven by a common goal of rejuvenation. The result? An area that was once neglected has been transformed into an oasis, from weeds and waste. This project highlights the power of collaboration demonstrating that when citizens come together transformative change becomes not possible but inevitable.

What makes the Church of Scientology unique is its approach to sustainability. Going beyond actions their initiatives deeply engage with well-being. Projects promoting energy sources and sustainable agriculture span across continents showcasing the Church’s unwavering commitment, to shaping a greener world.

The Church’s respectful approach fosters a strong sense of unity and belonging highlighting the importance of every individual’s role in this process of transformation. As Rome embraces and appreciates these efforts the Church of Scientology stands as a model, for environmental responsibility. With a dedication that goes beyond words, it paves the way for a future where service to both humanity and the planet goes hand in hand. In the heart of Rome, a greener tomorrow is being cultivated. One project, one community cleanup and one transformative endeavour at a time. The Church of Scientology undeniably plays a role, in shaping a sustainable and harmonious world.

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