Robert Roselli NJ: A Driving Force in Building Communities and Dreams
Robert Roselli NJ: A Driving Force in Building Communities and Dreams

Robert Roselli NJ

Robert Roselli NJ: A Driving Force in Building Communities and Dreams

NEW JERSEY, NJ, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2024 / — Robert Roselli NJ, CEO of 34 Sherman LLC, exemplifies the true spirit of community through his dedicated volunteer work with Morris Habitat for Humanity and his professional endeavors in creating homes that embody safety, affordability, and sustainability. Balancing his role at 34 Sherman LLC with his passion for volunteering, Roselli has played a pivotal role in providing homes for families in need while fostering environments that flourish.

Roselli’s work with Morris Habitat for Humanity particularly stands out in the renovation of the 14 Belton Street project. This single-family property, nestled in the quaint area of Byram Township, Sussex County, was transformed from a neglected state into a beacon of hope for the Salazar family. Commencing in September 2018, the extensive renovation included everything from demolition to the installation of a new roof and siding, culminating in its completion in August 2019. Alisha Salazar, along with her three children, were the proud recipients of the house, marking a significant milestone in their lives.

Adding to his portfolio, the 232 Howe Avenue project in Passaic city showcased another successful collaboration between Robert Roselli NJ and Morris Habitat for Humanity. This two-story home saw significant upgrades including a new roof, siding, windows, and an inviting front porch, equipped with EPA WaterSense fixtures to promote energy efficiency. This home now serves as a haven for Massiel Mendez and her children, offering them a stable and energy-efficient living space.

Robert Roselli extends his impact beyond volunteer work; his company, 34 Sherman LLC, is deeply involved in building homes that not only meet but exceed expectations. Handling everything from site planning for new homes, additions, and renovations to the execution of large-scale projects like the subdivision in Hanover Twp., which includes the development of three houses on Oak Blvd in Cedar Knolls, NJ. These projects underscore 34 Sherman’s commitment to creating exquisite living spaces that are environmentally conscious and tailored to the needs of modern families.

The 33 Oak Blvd Cedar Knolls project, for example, is a testament to 34 Sherman’s dedication to detail and quality. The home features hardwood flooring, crown molding, upgraded kitchen appliances, and granite countertops, all while emphasizing energy efficiency through the use of Energy Star-rated appliances and low-flow water fixtures.

In addition to his hands-on volunteer work and professional accomplishments, Robert Roselli has contributed over a hundred hours at ReStore Morris Habitat for Humanity. His efforts in facilitating donations and working directly with the organization further exemplify his commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of families in need.

Robert Roselli’s dual role as a dedicated volunteer and a professional at the helm of 34 Sherman LLC, showcases not only his diverse skillset but his profound dedication to improving communities and impacting lives directly. Through each project and volunteer effort, Roselli continues to reinforce the value of giving back to the community and the powerful role of sustainable, affordable housing in providing families with the foundation for a better life.

For anyone inspired by Roselli’s story or looking to contribute to their community, Morris Habitat for Humanity offers a multitude of opportunities to get involved. Whether it’s volunteering time or donating resources, every effort contributes to building stronger, more resilient communities where dreams of homeownership can become a reality for families working hard to build a better life.

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