New Book Focuses on Cancer Survival for Patient, Family, and Loved Ones
New Book Focuses on Cancer Survival for Patient, Family, and Loved Ones

What My Brain Has Taught Me, by Regina Maria Cross, helps cancer patients, survivors, and their family and friends through the process of cancer, recovery, and survival.

Regina Maria Cross (right) with husband Kenny and their two dogs Cozy and Neo.

What My Brain Has Taught Me: A Book on Surviving Cancer for Patients, Families, and Loved Ones, reaches all aspects of surviving the disease of cancer.

Why would I want to read a book about brain tumors? It’s not just for people with tumors! It’s a sweet, funny, heart melting, terrifying, and crazy story of survival and love.”

— Denyce Finch

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2023/ — A new book dealing with cancer treatment, survival, and the family of those with the disease is available nationwide.
Regina Maria Cross, a three-time brain tumor survivor, wrote the book as a memoir of her journey through the cycles of living with brain tumors and the aftermath of surgeries. The book helps not only the patient, but for friends and family members who live, love and care for them.

“The book is not just for those with brain tumors, but is for anyone who has endured cancers, surgeries, and other injuries,” Cross said. “It is a personal story of my experience, as well as the experiences of my doctors, my family, and my friends who were with me through it all.”

While there are many books on the market dealing with cancer, treatment, the mental health aspect, and the impact it has on the family, Cross’ book differs in that it brings all these elements into one. The book not only chronicles her journey as a cancer patient, but the impact of her family and the physical and mental impact it had on each of them as well.

Cross’ life changed drastically in 1989 during the last examination after seven years of tests preparing for pregnancy. After surgeries and years of excruciating head pain along with other symptoms, she was diagnosed with a right temporal lobe meningioma brain tumor. With a low probability of survival, Cross survived a craniotomy in November 1989.

Always with her hero and husband Kenny by her side, Cross underwent years of recovery and life-changing experiences, including the continuation of another five years of “baby questing” during which she and her husband experienced the highest joys and the lowest heart-wrenching grief.

The first surgery in 1989 was the first of two brain surgeries. In 2006 Cross was again diagnosed with a brain tumor. Always a fighter, she underwent Gamma Knife surgery in 2007, again surviving the horrific ordeal.

Since that time, she and her family have survived many experiences which are shared in her book released last summer. “I want this book to be given to those who need hope to continue on with life’s journey,” Cross said.

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the American Brain Tumor Association.

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