Maria Carolina Torres: New York Art Life Interview, Her 100 Things to Say
Maria Carolina Torres: New York Art Life Interview, Her 100 Things to Say

Maria Carolina Torres

This week NY Art Life Magazine has a special guest, Maria Carolina Torres, we will talk about her Art, her future projects, and more.

You will never be too small. Not for Art and definitely not for New York”

— Maria Carolina Torres

CHELSEA, NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2023/ — Online art platform NY Art Life has interviewed Colombian Brand Designer Maria Carolina Torres. Maria Carolina is not afraid to push boundaries when it comes to her work. 100 Days of Sex Talk is a thought-provoking piece meant to push artistic and cultural boundaries. The work and research that she conducted since 2019 took the form of daily posters meant to open up conversations about sexuality and all possible topics surrounding it. Combining her love for design and sex-ed, she created a new poster every day with a new style and a new topic with captions in both English and Spanish that would open the floor for the audience to think deeper about sex and what it means to them.

Recently selected to design Project Body Type in collaboration with Creative Director Meng Shui and Designer Maria Farah, a typeface that honors the human form and tells the story of a diverse group of bodies. Maria Carolina is spearheading a typeface that is inclusive, design-oriented, and focused on storytelling the diversity and beauty of bodies.

It is no surprise then that she was invited as the brand designer for Doveras, the newest fertility start-up. Invited because of her design acumen and her understanding of how branding impacts business success, she supported the design of the brand guidelines, digital products, and all marketing assets.

NY Art Life, with 30K Instagram followers, profiled this niche branding specialist who understands that branding sex, body positivity, and inclusion is the key to success.

The interview with Maria Carolina offers valuable insights into the intersection of branding, sexuality, and art. It highlights the importance of body positivity and inclusion in challenging societal norms and promoting diversity.

Carolina’s work is a powerful reminder of the role art and branding can play in promoting body positivity and diverse sexual representation. It inspires us to challenge our perceptions of beauty and embrace diversity and inclusion.

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