Manmade Kennels Proudly Presents the Biggest Blue Nose Pitbulls in the World

Manmade Kennel’s Blue Nose Pitbull Beyonce.

largest blue nose pitbulls in the world

Manmade Kennel’s Beyonce with Sarah

Beyonce and Shadow are, without a doubt, head turners as the biggest blue nose pitbulls in the world.

CHICKASHA, OK, USA, June 29, 2023/ — Manmade Kennels, a renowned breeder of exceptional American Pitbull Terriers, is thrilled to introduce the world to their major accomplishment – the biggest Blue Nose Pitbulls in the world.

Manmade Kennels have long been recognized for their dedication to breeding healthy, well-tempered, and remarkable Pitbulls. With a commitment to preserving the breed’s integrity, the kennel has become synonymous with excellence in the Pitbull community. Now, they proudly unveil their latest marvel: magnificent Blue nose pitbull dogs that turn heads wherever they go.

Weighing as much as 375 pounds and standing as tall as 28 inches tall at the shoulder, Manmade Kennels Blue Nose Pitbulls, Shadow and Beyonce, have captured the hearts and imaginations of dog enthusiasts worldwide. Their exceptional sizes combined with their striking blue coats have earned them the title of the world’s largest Blue Nose Pitbulls.

Beyonce and Shadow attract attention wherever they go, especially on Spa day when they head down to the local pet store to give their coats a good bath. Despite their large intimidating bodies, Beyonce and Shadow are gentle, calm, and some of the friendliest dogs you can meet. They do not mind the occasional pat on the head from strangers, which they respond to with an excited wag of the tails.

“Our blue nose pitbulls come from an impressive lineage of champion bloodlines carefully selected to produce the best dogs ever,” says Eddie Perez, the owner of Manmade Kennels.

Manmade Kennels have over a decade of experience developing their bloodline of blue-nose pitbull dogs revered for their massive sizes, impressive muscle structure, and gentle demeanor. Manmade Kennels blue pitbull dogs have competed and excelled in several dog shows, and have made appearances in popular events that bring bully enthusiasts together, like the ABKC Nationals.

Manmade Kennels documented ‘A Day in the Life of’ Beyonce and Shadow, a video that has so far garnered over 800,000 views on YouTube. A fete that saw the kennels gain more prominence with the bully community online, earning them an impressive 60,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Manmade Kennels is impressively active on social media where they share updates, photos, and videos showcasing their remarkable dogs which include blue nose pitbull dogs, red nose pitbulls dogs, English bulldogs, and the rarest colored French bulldogs. You can check them out on Tiktok where they have over 30,000 followers and over 200,000 likes on the videos and photos they share.

About Manmade Kennels:

Manmade Kennels is a renowned breeder of American Pitbull Terriers based in Chickasha Oklahoma. With a strong commitment to producing exceptional examples of the breed, the kennel has gained a reputation for its dedication to health, temperament, and conformation. Manmade Kennels has a track record of producing outstanding Pitbulls that excel in various arenas, including conformation shows, weight-pulling competitions, and as beloved family pets.

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Manmade Kennels Beyonce and Shadow at the Spa

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