LSVT Global is Proud to Share Impact Statistics of  Innovative Therapy Programs Over 30 Years

As inventor of LSVT and Principal Investigator on more than 30 years of NIH research on LSVT, I am thrilled to see the global impact of LSVT today.”

— Lorraine Ramig, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of LSVT Global

TUCSON, AZ, USA, June 21, 2023/ — LSVT Global, the developer of LSVT LOUD® and LSVT BIG®, leading speech, physical and occupational therapies for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions, recently announced the celebration of its 20th anniversary as a company, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the first LSVT Training and Certification Course.

Founded in 2003, LSVT Global has dedicated two decades to advancing the treatment of communication and movement difficulties faced by individuals living with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions, including children with cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. LSVT LOUD, the company’s flagship program, has transformed the lives of countless individuals worldwide by enhancing vocal loudness, speech clarity, and overall communication abilities. The scope of this work was eventually expanded to help people with Parkinson’s improve their mobility and function through the development of LSVT BIG, a physical and occupational therapy program.

LSVT LOUD is the only speech treatment for Parkinson’s disease that is supported by more than 30 years of research with $8 million of funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), led by principal investigator and LSVT LOUD inventor Dr. Lorraine Ramig. Together with research on LSVT BIG, there are more than 200 peer-reviewed publications, including multiple randomized-controlled trials, that support the LSVT techniques. 

“As inventor of LSVT and Principal Investigator on more than 30 years of NIH research on LSVT, I am thrilled to see the global impact of LSVT today,” said Lorraine Ramig, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of LSVT Global. 


Since launching LSVT training in 1993, and formally launching their company to achieve their mission in 2003, LSVT Global has offered in person and online training and certification courses for Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapists to better serve their clients facing debilitating medical conditions that challenge their speech and movement. More than 65,000 clinicians representing 73 countries have been trained in LSVT therapies (more than 22,000 of these trained online) including more than 800 “on the ground” training courses in 28 nations around the globe. At the very heart of LSVT Training and Certification Courses is the goal to preserve the fidelity of the treatment delivered under the name LSVT, allowing patients to receive the same efficacious treatment published in the research studies.

But the most important impact regarding LSVT Global’s work for the past 30 years is the effect of the therapies for the patients that need them, and the community of therapists, clinicians and medical professionals brought together through collaboration, advocacy, and awareness.

“A significant bonus of delivering LSVT training is meeting wonderful clinicians and students in the US and abroad,” said Dr. Ramig. “Their commitment to helping improve speech and quality of life in individuals with PD and other disorders is of great importance and of great pride for our profession.”

“When we think about the number of patients we’ve positively impacted and professionals we’ve trained on LSVT therapies, we’re incredibly humbled and proud,” said Cynthia Fox, PhD, CEO and co-founder of LSVT Global. “Rarely in neurorehabilitation has a treatment approach spanned the depth and breadth of research and global clinical implementation that LSVT Global has achieved. Thirty years later, we could never have imagined the number of people who’ve been touched by LSVT Certified Clinicians. We’re committed to continue making progress and offering truly beneficial therapies to those that need our services.”

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About LSVT Global

LSVT Global pioneered innovative, scientifically validated therapies that work to restore and maintain voice (LSVT LOUD) and movement (LSVT BIG) in people with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions. Founded in 2003, LSVT Global offers world-class continuing education courses for speech, physical and occupational therapists globally in our evidence-based and effective treatments for Parkinson’s, pediatrics, and other populations! These therapies have collectively transformed the lives of countless individuals by improving their vocal loudness, speech clarity, overall communication abilities, mobility, gait, balance and activities of daily living. With a commitment to education and evidence-based treatments, LSVT Global continues to be a trusted resource for speech-language pathologists, physical and occupational therapists, and individuals seeking effective therapy options.

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