Leadership Coach Michelle Sherbun to be Featured on Close Up Radio
Leadership Coach Michelle Sherbun to be Featured on Close Up Radio

HINSDALE, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — We all have distinct gifts, talents, and abilities that make it possible for us to contribute great things in the world. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with self-doubt and insecurities that leave our innate gifts unnoticed. If we listen to our overly-critical inner voice, which is often our ego trying to take over, we may even handicap ourselves and profoundly limit out ability to discover and define our purpose. When we partner with a qualified coach, we commit to finding our way to insight and alignment with our purpose and dreams. Imagine being able to live a happier and more fulfilling life just by tapping into our curiosity and creativity, and leaning on our courage to create deep and powerful connections.

Michelle Sherbun is a highly regarded leadership coach, award winning fundraiser, and classically trained vocalist and actor.

“My primary job as a coach is to simply help people get out of their own way. My clients know the answers, but their fears and false expectations hold them back. When we name our fears, we take back our power and the freedom to choose what can make dreams a reality. When we get out of our own way, we become the best versions of ourselves.”

Michelle says that while we all grapple with fears and insecurities, it is critical we name them. When we name them, we take away their power, and we free ourselves to see more clearly. When we dig deep within ourselves, we reframe – we shift our mindset to what we once thought was impossible to the possible. Michelle passionately challenges, encourages, and supports her clients every step of the way on their journey. Together, they cultivate a life full of potential.

Prior to becoming a coach, Michelle had an extremely successful career as a consultant for non-profits. She believes her clients’ successes were the result of healthy, trusting relationships that allowed for the free exchange of ideas and a commitment to a shared mission. Soon she began noticing how many of her clients were approaching her for advice and mentoring for burnout, work life balance, and every -day professional and personal challenges. It began to dawn on her that she wasn’t fulfilling her own purpose and how she yearned to help people live their joy and create greater success in their lives. This prompted her to enroll in an accredited coach training program where she could learn and share the best of her coach training. Today, for over 17 wonderful years, she has made it her life’s work and mission, coaching hundreds of individuals to transform old habits, live boldly, unapologetically, and find success personally and professionally.

“In our fast-paced lives it may feel difficult for us to manifest joy and acquire peace of mind and clarity, but the truth is the time is now to move beyond false limitations and create a brighter future for ourselves. Once I begin the coaching process, my clients and I work together to find our unique rhythm and build trust. It is then we are free to create deep connections that, step by step, support them as they discover their authentic truths.”

Michelle also focuses on developing transformative leaders. She says top-down management, autocratic leadership, is rigid and does little to create a productive workplace. Teams are seeking safe places where ideas and passions can be elevated. Healthy workplaces are open to challenging tried and true assumptions, and as a result, workers feel engaged and valued.

“There is a vulnerability that comes with transformative leadership that can effectively build trust and relationships. In fact, vulnerability is a leader’s greatest asset because it demands personal authenticity. Authentic leadership is a powerful life changing tool that inspires others and absolutely creates high-performing futures. Teams that experience authentic leadership thrive in a culture that values fairness, innovation, and creativity. Visions are clearly defined and each person’s role in meeting that vision is understood so employees are engaged and teams are accountable, nimble and innovative.”

Additionally, Michelle conducts a wonderful series of mastermind groups called Sister Wisdom Circles for powerful superstar women over 40. Women with diverse experiences come together once a month to support each other as they discover and reclaim their personal an professional voices. Together they explore their deepest dreams and goals, and spark new thinking and innovation – all the while encouraging clarity, passion, and purpose in their lives.

“As we enter transition, we reintroduce ourselves to the essence of who we are. We begin to reacquaint ourselves with whom we are meant to be. And there is expansion and joy in the moments when we embrace our very own, authentic self. My coaching is designed to motivate everyone who seeks to find their way to an energy that feeds their dreams. Imagine a life where we live each day with joy and confidence.”

Close Up Radio will feature Michelle Sherbun in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday May 25th at 2pm Eastern and with Jim Masters on Thursday June 1st at 1pm Eastern

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