Lawsuit Filed Against Froedtert Hospital and Others for Medical Negligence and Fraud
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Nestor Vega before incident

Nestor Vega After Surgery

Patient Suffers Permanent Disfigurement Following Retained Surgical Item

Patients deserve to trust in the care they receive, and we are determined to bring Mr. Vega’s case to light to prevent similar incidents from happening to others.”

— Attorney B’Ivory LaMarr

MILWAUKEE, WI, USA, September 1, 2023/ — In what is emerging as a deeply distressing case of alleged medical negligence, Nestor Vega, a 45-year-old car accident survivor, has filed a lawsuit [Case# 2023CV006576] against the reputed Froedtert Hospital, following severe and permanent complications arising from a retained surgical fragment.

On July 24, 2020, after being involved in a motor vehicle collision, Vega turned to Froedtert for medical evaluation and treatment. He was diagnosed with a closed right pilon fracture, leading to multiple surgical interventions. Tragically, post-surgery, Vega’s condition began to deteriorate, marked by debilitating pain that severely restricted his daily activities. X-rays performed on Sept. 14, 2020, and a subsequent review of the x-rays on November 9, 2020, exposed the root of Vega’s suffering – a fragment of a surgical drain had been left within the surgical site.

Despite having undeniable evidence from the x-ray and acknowledgment from Dr. Beck, immediate remedy was not pursued. Accusations are currently circulating with significant momentum, suggesting that medical personnel, including Dr. Beck and other key personnel, might have not only neglected their duty of care but may also have fraudulently concealed the existence of the surgical fragment. This suspicion was further fueled when a medical staff member misinformed Vega, assuring him that his leg was clear of foreign objects.

By December 13, 2020, Vega was re-admitted to the hospital due to an infection directly attributed to the retained fragment. The fragment was removed on December 15, 2020 however, Vega’s ordeal did not conclude with this procedure. As a direct consequence of the alleged medical negligence, Vega now suffers from permanent disfigurement and requires full-time medical assistance, having lost the ability to perform even the most mundane tasks independently.

To seek justice and redress, Vega has enlisted the services of high-profile attorney, B’Ivory LaMarr, who is now leading the legal action against Froedtert Hospital and the implicated medical professionals.

“The impact on Mr. Vega’s physical health, emotional well-being, and overall livelihood cannot be overstated. We intend to fight relentlessly to ensure that justice is served. Medical negligence should never be tolerated, and we are committed to holding the responsible parties accountable for their actions,” said Attorney LaMarr.

He added, “We believe that this case underscores the importance of robust oversight, accountability, and transparency in the medical field. Patients deserve to trust in the care they receive, and we are determined to bring Mr. Vega’s case to light to prevent similar incidents from happening to others.”


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CBS58 Coverage showing video of Vega expressing concern that something had been left in his body.

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