Kimbe Set to Launch in September 2023, Revolutionizing Digital and Inclusive Luxury Fashion

The British fashion house will offer a high-touch, virtual shopping experience and a new take on sustainable and inclusive fashion

I wanted to create a brand that brings people together and celebrates everybody.”

— Che Kimberly

LONDON, ENGLAND, June 19, 2023/ — Kimbe Fashion House has announced its plans to open its virtual boutique doors in September 2023. Headquartered in London but offering a virtual-only, highly curated shopping experience, Kimbe is throwing open the doors to sustainable, personalized, and inclusive fashion wider than they have ever been in the high-end luxury fashion market.

Innovation encapsulates the very essence of Kimbe. The fashion house seeks to be a trailblazer, a true champion of self-expression and tech-forward fashion shopping experiences while also embracing the founder’s culture and heritage in its craftsmanship. Founded by Che Kimberly in 2021, Kimbe embraces body positivity, gender-neutrality, sustainability, and personalized fashion that conscious shoppers crave. In addition to ready-to-wear, the collection will also include accessories and home decoration.

Fashion as functional art is the key philosophy behind each of Kimbe’s pieces. Many can be mixed and matched to create unique combinations that embrace the wearer’s unique personality. Sleeves removable by zippers that are interchangeable with other Kimbe pieces and jumpers that convert to two pieces are but two examples of the artistic and flexible approach Kimbe embraces.

Kimbe’s commitment to adaptability and inclusivity is also apparent in its designs, from sizing to construction. Kimberly wanted to create a wide range of sizes to make Kimbe’s fashion accessible to all. The brand embraces body positivity by eliminating traditional luxury fashion sizing and delivering clothing in a more inclusive and expansive sizing approach, offering 16 sizes, roughly ranging from 3XS to 5XL plus dwarf sizing. Additionally, zipper closures and pull-on styles are plentiful. This approach is inspired by Kimberly’s own challenges with finding luxury fashion pieces that fit her petite frame properly and were easy to put on, as she has a disability that often makes buttoning clothing difficult.

“I wanted to create a brand that brings people together and celebrates everybody,” said Kimberly. “Having a disability impacts me daily, and so with my designs, I always try to make them as adaptable as possible because I know how I tend to struggle, and I don’t want others with disabilities to also struggle.”

Kimberly has also positioned Kimbe to take the lead in high-end fashion sustainability. From its virtual reality shopping experience, on-demand manufacturing processes, sustainable materials, and unique customer service model, every aspect of Kimbe embraces ethical and responsible practices. To cut down on clothing waste–a growing problem in the industry–Kimbe offers unique services to its shoppers, such as clothing recycling, a resale platform, and repair and alterations options for clothing purchased through Kimbe.

“I want Kimbe to impact positive change within the luxury fashion industry, especially where it affects the environment and how we live day-to-day,” added Kimberly. “I held off on launching properly for a few years because I’m very passionate about sustainability and how we negatively impact the planet. I want to be sure that Kimbe has and is using the best practices and are 100% ethical.”

When Kimbe launches in Fall 2023, it will have a digital-only presence and continue operating only in the digital space. That choice is a conscious one by Kimberly, who is eager to disrupt the fashion industry with tech-forward approaches.

“I love technology and innovation. With Kimbe, I really wanted to tap into that market, so Kimbe will be making use of digital fashion and NFTs, and our online store will include VR,” Kimberly said.

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