Hyperspace, the leading metaverse solution for enterprises
Hyperspace, the leading metaverse solution for enterprises

Hyperspace, announced today the completion of it
asset acquisition of Glue Collaboration’s products and services

WASHINGTON STREET, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hyperspace, the leading metaverse solution for enterprises, announced today the completion of its
asset acquisition of Glue Collaboration‘s products and services.

Glue will continue to operate as it always has, providing a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform for

VR meetings and team collaboration, serving clients across diverse sectors including technology

and healthcare.

The integration of Glue’s core products and services will enable Hyperspace to drive its

profitability, sustainability and innovation by bringing in a significant amount of new customers

and revenue. This aligns with Hyperspace’s vision to broaden its product offerings to the enterprise

market, delivering always-available collaborative environments.

“We have been consistently impressed by the products, services, and team at Glue. We look

forward to offering enhanced virtual collaboration, immersive training, onboarding journeys,

AI solutions, large-scale events and digital twin headquarters to both Hyperspace and Glue

customers to support growth and enterprise adoption,” said Danny Stefanic, CEO of Hyperspace.

About Hyperspace

Hyperspace is leading the way in virtual innovation with its no-code metaverse platform. It lets

users create stunning 3D events, meetings, and training sessions with ease. Accessible on mobile,

desktop, and VR/AR, Hyperspace offers customizable avatars, interactive simulations, and

seamless workflow integration. Ideal for educators, businesses, and event planners, Hyperspace

transforms virtual spaces into dynamic and engaging experiences. Trusted by global leaders,

Hyperspace is redefining collaboration and learning in the digital era.

About Glue

Glue is revolutionizing remote collaboration with immersive virtual reality. It offers realistic 3D

spaces where teams can brainstorm, meet, and learn using custom avatars and advanced tools.

Glue integrates seamlessly with platforms like Slack and Trello, providing secure and efficient

virtual meetings. Designed for industries like healthcare and education, Glue enhances teamwork

and productivity in a digital age. Trusted globally, Glue is at the forefront of transforming how we

work together, no matter where we are.

For more information, visit https://hyperspace.mv/


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