Hit Food Show “Dinner In Place” Announces S4E3 Will Feature JL Jupiter and Gil Payumo of Senor Sisig

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Dinner In Place | Lyrics Born

Dinner In Place | Lyrics Born

JL Jupiter, Lyrics Born, and Gil Payumo of Senor Sisig with the Yet To Be Unveiled Season 4 Episode 3 Dish

JL Jupiter, Lyrics Born, and Gil Payumo of Senor Sisig with the Yet To Be Unveiled Season 4 Episode 3 Dish

Hip-Hop Star Lyrics Born’s Third Episode Of The Culture-Fusing Food Show Unveiled With A Teaser With The First Ever Trio On The Show

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, August 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Lyrics Born, the twice Rolling Stone named and honored hip-hop artist whose creativity knows no limits, started on a journey during the pandemic to dive deeper into his cultural heritage and create unique recipes that will have the TikTok generation and others ready to make some unique fun foods that help smash together the cultures, with Lyrics Born’s being half Japanese and half Jewish himself. “Dinner In Place” will be releasing its third episode of season 4 this week, and are keeping this week’s featured dish tightly under wraps.

The 3rd episode of the season will be the first time Lyrics Born has been joined by 2 others. Joining the episode will be food video blogger JL Jupiter, who plans to share a video of his experience of the episode with his fans, as well as Gil Payumo of Senor Sisig in San Francisco, CA, who worked with Lyrics Born to develop and execute the dish.

Interested fans can catch the latest episode by checking out shorts on Lyrics Born’s and Dinner In Place’s social media accounts, and by watching this season’s full length episodes on Lyrics Born’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuFEwujFCNdkNoLfIIOKOwYb1bHpR0v_g.

The new season continues to offer Lyrics Born’s signature quick clips via social media, with this season featuring full length production videos via YouTube. A classic element of the Dinner In Place brand since the beginning is Lyrics Born’s voiceover as he’s preparing and cooking the dish.

Fans can catch episodes of Season 4 every two to three weeks on Lyrics Born’s YouTube at @lyricsborntv and you can catch the short form version on Dinner In Place’s and Lyrics Born’s Instagrams at @dinnerinplace and @lyricsborn respectively.

About Dinner In Place (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuFEwujFCNdkNoLfIIOKOwYb1bHpR0v_g)
“Dinner in Place” is a web-based cooking series that celebrates multiculturalism through deliciously imaginative and healthy recipes that can be easily prepared at home in 45 minutes or less. Created by Bay Area Hip-Hop artist Lyrics Born, the show features fun and engaging episodes that showcase unique Asian fusion flavors reflective of his Japanese and Jewish ethnic background. Season 4 debuted on July 12, 2023 to much anticipation and excitement.

Originally launched during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Dinner in Place” has gained popularity over the years with three successful seasons. Now entering its fourth season, Lyrics Born is stepping up the production value for the series with a full film crew and introducing celebrity guests. The series promises to offer an even more exciting and entertaining culinary experience that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism.

About Lyrics Born (https://www.lyricsborn.com/)
Recently named by Rolling Stone as having one of the greatest West Coasts’s Hip-Hop songs for his song “Callin’ Out” where his flow falls into a playful and empathetic growl solidified the song as one of the greatest West Coast songs, while also holding the honor for his debut album “Later That Day” in their 200 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums of All Time. As the first Asian-American solo rapper to perform at Lollapalooza and Coachella and to release a greatest hits record, Lyrics Born has broken through countless barriers to cement his storied and illustrious career. Having been part of the Quannum Projects collective of Hip Hop artists from the San Francisco Bay Area that spawned such lyrical luminaries as Blackalicious, Lateef the Truthspeaker, Lifesavas, DJ Shadow, among many others, Lyrics Born established himself firmly among the upper echelon of indie Hip Hop artists. He has also expanded his empire into film, including roles in Boots Riley’s critically-acclaimed Sorry To Bother You and the aforementioned Netflix film Always Be My Maybe starring comedian Ali Wong, Randall Park, and Keanu Reeves.

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