Happy Timeshare Owners: Too Often Overlooked

Timesharing Today Announces The Happy Timeshare Owners Initiative

The experiences of happy timeshare owners create lasting memories they cherish. and are generally ignored by mainstream media,”

— Shep Althsuler, publisher TimeSharing Today

TENAFLY, NJ, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Timesharing Today Announces The Happy Timeshare Owners Initiative

In the national news, timeshare vacation ownership is often portrayed in a negative light. They consistently report on scams and how it’s hard to get out of timeshare contracts. But there are many happy timeshare owners who love their home resorts and enjoy exchanging vacations to go to fantastic places around the world with their families. These experiences create lasting memories they cherish and are generally ignored by mainstream media

To highlight the positive experiences of timeshare owners, TimeSharing Today has launched the Happy Timeshare Owners Initiative. This initiative seeks to counter the negative narratives often associated with vacation ownership and shed light on the many benefits it brings to families and individuals alike. For example:

Paula DiPaola, a timeshare owner from Kissimmee, FL, along with her husband Michael, shares her love for the industry. She has been involved in it since the 1980s and is thrilled to see people forming lifelong friendships at timeshares. She smiles when her daughters talk about reuniting with friends they met at the timeshare many years ago, now all grown up and still connected through shared experiences. Even her grandchildren are excited to talk to other owners and guests about the fun things to do in the area, truly loving their timeshare vacations.

For Paula, timeshare ownership means being a part of a vacation family. She has seen relationships deepen to the point where she was invited to a wedding of someone she saw grow up at the timeshare, from infancy to a bride. And she’s planning a special cruise for around 30 to 40 timeshare owners as they come to the resort as snowbirds.

She cherishes her home resort, Magic Tree Resort, and the team that works there. Some staff members have been there for over 20 years, and they are like family to her. They never pass by without a warm smile and a greeting, and they are always ready to help. Paula celebrates their birthdays each month, showing them love and admiration on Facebook and in person because they are truly a part of her timeshare family.

Additionally, Jean Terry, another content timeshare owner from Manhattan, NY, shares her own story of finding happiness through timeshare ownership. As someone who had a busy work life, she often missed out on vacation time. But about 25 years ago, she discovered timeshares and everything changed for the better.

Having a timeshare gave Jean the convenience of knowing exactly when and where her vacation would be every year. She could plan her breaks in her favorite destination, and her employer would know in advance when she would be away. Her timeshare also allowed her to plan more than one week of vacation, either returning to her cherished “home away from home” or exploring new places.

Jean acknowledges that, like any type of accommodation, timeshares come with challenges. She has heard about extra fees and assessments, but she sees them as part of maintaining her vacation home and is willing to do whatever it takes to continue finding happiness through her timeshare ownership.

Timeshare ownership, for Jean, is a peaceful pleasure that she wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. It brings her joy and peace, and she cherishes every moment she spends at her vacation home.

In an age where timeshare ownership often faces criticism, Paula and Jean’s stories remind us of the positive aspects of this vacation option. Their experiences show that timeshares can foster lifelong friendships, provide a sense of community, and create cherished memories with family and friends. While negative stories may dominate the news, countless happy timeshare owners are living proof of the joy and fulfillment this form of vacationing can bring.

So, the next time you hear about timeshare ownership, remember that beyond the negative portrayals, there are many individuals and families who have discovered happiness and lasting memories through their timeshares. Their stories, though not often featured in the headlines, deserve recognition and celebration. They serve as a reminder that sharing time with loved ones in a familiar vacation setting is a precious gift to be cherished.

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