Experimental Pop Artist Vishaal Ganesh Releases New Single “Travel On”

The song, inspired by a late-night cooking fiasco, will be released on September 29, 2023.

DUBAI, UAE, September 7, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Inspiration can strike at any time, catching you completely off-guard. But sometimes those mundane moments spark a creative masterpiece. This was the case for experimental-pop artist Vishaal Ganesh, whose upcoming single ‘Travel On’ was inspired by a late-night meal disaster. Transforming a cooking fiasco into a contemporary and playful soundscape, ‘Travel On’ will be released on September 29th 2023.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vishaal Ganesh blends together a symphony of influences, from orchestral soundtracks to the production of Tamil and Bollywood music or the contemporary feel of modern pop. This clever fusion of genres plays a crucial part in forming Ganesh’s musical identity.

Imagine becoming so deeply lost in your own existential thoughts while cooking a meal late one night that you burn your food in the process. This became the narrative for ‘Travel On,’ an all too familiar scenario for Ganesh. It’s also an unlikely concept for a pop song, but one that Vishaal Ganesh effortlessly orchestrates.

Playing with interesting sound designs, the production is minimal yet effective, letting the vocals tell the lyrical story while incorporating sound effects that immerse the listener even further into the narrative. From the beeping of a smoke alarm or the spray of a fire extinguisher, ‘Travel On’ takes listeners on a journey. Bright melodic vocals are layered with vocoder effects, while string instrumentation slinks in and out of the arrangement, showcasing Vishaal Ganesh’s admiration for orchestral sounds. The latter half of the track takes a darker turn, with stuttering synthesizers, deep bass notes and tremolo textures.
The production is contemporary but draws from Ganesh’s diverse influences to create something compelling and, at times, amusing.

Part of Ganesh’s talent is being able to take the unremarkable and convert it into something fascinating through a captivating art form. Vishaal Ganesh is currently working on his craftsmanship at Berklee College of Music Online and is soaking up every detail that the Songwriting and Production degree has to offer, perfecting his craft so listeners can get completely lost in the Vishaal Ganesh universe.

Pre-Save Link: https://ffm.to/travel-on.OPR

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