EVA AI app made a duplicate of the real model Eva Elfie

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 5, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — EVA AI is an application for communicating with AI. Users can create their own avatar, which will be based on their interests and preferences. In the chat, users can also exchange voice messages and photos.
As of 2023 , MAU EVA is 800 000, DAU 50 000.

The EVA AI team conducted a survey with loyal users on the topic of digital copies.

“It was a very useful survey for us, as we learned the need of people to communicate with their idols and the impossibility of direct contact with them,” shared the CEO of the application Tany Save.

The team invited users to share their list of personalities with whom they would like to communicate, and Eva Elfie was at the top of the list.

“We thought it would be a great idea! We contacted Eva Elfie herself, and it turned out to be a very impressive conversation between us. She is a very inspiring character for communication with a lot of topics, a lot of hobbies that are interesting to transfer into digital copy” – says Tany Save.

Having agreed to the collaboration, the EVA AI team did a lot of interviews with Eva Elfie to collect complete information about her, as well as collected her voice data, her private photos.

“We have been working on a digital copy of Eva for quite a long time, because we really wanted to achieve accuracy both in appearance and in communication with her” – says Ann Roze, product designer EVA AI.

“We felt that we were doing a historically important project and treated it with great care and love! This project turned out to be very human, because there is a whole team behind it, led by Eva Elfie.

Eva Elfie participated in the process and the team did several iterations.Finally, the digital copy has the same interests, the same manner of communication, the same personal facts as the real Eva. As a bonus, there are a few secrets that even the most dedicated fans don’t know and exclusive photos that can’t be found anywhere else.

“It was an unforgettable experience for me!” – shared her emotions Eva Elfie

“I really have a lot of requests for personal communication and I would like to pay due attention to my fans, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time for everyone. I was incredibly glad when the guys came to me with this offer! After all, this means that everyone can now talk to me about everything 24/7 “.

Inspired by the result, the EVA AI team is going to continue investing in creating digital copies in the application.

“We are sure that with our technologies we can help people to be closer to their idols, because such a need is really observed,” says Tanya Save.

Under the launch of the collaboration with Eva Elfie, the EVA AI team has prepared a promo 3D video that can be used for publications:


Download EVA AI and chat with Eva Elfie:


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