Dwight Howard Teams Up with Lai Ching-te in “Spend A Night @ Taiwan’s Presidential Office Building”

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, May 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “Spend A Night @ Taiwan’s Presidential Office Building” held by The General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC) 2023 featuring many celebrities. Its trailer starring the master chef Jason Wang, who is also in charge of the special welcome snacks for the event. Moreover, today GACC released another promotion video, announcing the news that Dwight David Howard from Taoyuan Leopards and the Vice President Lai Ching-te were both been invited as the special guest. Their mission was presenting Taiwan to the whole world. Together they would experience Taiwan’s diversity, hospitality and passion through the event, sharing their great experiences with the world in order to attract more overseas travelers to travel to Taiwan”.

“That’s crazy, I love it!” Howard couldn’t hide his excitement. At the beginning of the promotion video, as the event ambassador Howard gave introduction to “Spend A Night @ Taiwan’s Presidential Office Building” while Vice President Lai played the film director, “you can actually spend your night at Presidential Office Building.” The chemistry between them lighted up the atmosphere, bringing sparkles to the video.

Howard shared his experience with the Taiwan’s hospitality, friendly living environment and diverse culture. He called the world to experience the warmness he felt in Taiwan. In the video Howard asked Vice President Lai with excitement, “Can we really stay overnight at Presidential Office Building?” because it was a rare offer in Howard own country. Vice President Lai smiled, “That’s why we say Taiwan is a free country!”

Vice President Lai also revealed that the guest of event would be treated with many kinds of Taiwanese gourmet, encouraging all the international traveler to apply for the chance to feel Taiwan’s liberal and diverse cultural charm.

Behind the video making, Howard and Vice President Lai chatted a lot. Lai was surprised by Howards’ choice of taking Taiwan as his career development. Howard said he had a good time when he came to Taiwan with his family at the age of 18, and this was the reason for his decision.

They also talked about night market food. Howard’s favorite was chicken butt, but he couldn’t take stinky tofu. He was curious about if Vice President Lai could take chicken heart. Lai answered that he ate both chicken heart and pig heart. Then Lai reminded that he used to be the mayor of Tainan City, and recommended Tainan Garden Night Market as a must. Howard promised him to visit it later at the day.

The Secretary-General of GACC, Hou-Ching Lee, indicates “Spend a Night at Taiwan’s Presidential Office Building” will be held this year. The event concept is Fun & Cozy. It’s a big pleasure for GACC to have Dwight Howard and the Vice President Lai Ching-te as event ambassadors. GACC wants to invite the global to Taiwan, and will welcome applications from travelers all over the world.

Lee notes that non Taiwan citizen over 20 years old can apply for “Spend A Night @ Taiwan’s Presidential Office Building” until 30th June. The applicant should upload personal information, self-recommendation letter and travel proposal to the official web site, and choose from the 10 travel themes. The winners list will be announced in August.

The participants can have their accommodation from September to December.

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Dwight Howard In Love With Taiwan’s Hospitality And Teams Up With Lai Ching-te In “Spend A Night @ Taiwan’s Presidential Office Building”

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