Donald Spector Develops Groundbreaking Camera-Ray Technology to Simulate X-Rays Without Radiation

Lisa Pamintuan, President,

Lisa Pamintuan, President,

Donald Spector, Co-Founder

Working on technologies that can improve quality of life is even more rewarding than many of the billion-dollar industries we have opened”

— Lisa Pamintuan

JUPITER, FLORIDA, USA, August 30, 2023/ — has filed new patents based on U.S. Patent number 11,259,951, which is part of Spector’s 3D printing orthopedic patent portfolio, paving the way for revolutionary non-radiative diagnostic technology for spinal stenosis. The new technology developed by renowned inventor Donald Spector uses a combination of camera with an app to screen for this condition. It makes use of millions of distance measurement points from a photograph and an algorithm that generates an image to simulate the vertebral and bone structure beneath the skin.

While most people have leg length differentials (LLD) only a certain number become clinically significant and problematic. When the disparity becomes too great it can lead to back and hip problems and spinal stenosis.

“Only requiring an inexpensive laptop and an internet connection, millions of children and adults worldwide, including those in third world countries and impoverished regions, can be easily screened for this condition.” said Lisa Pamintuan, President of

She added, “Working on technologies that can improve quality of life is even more rewarding than many of the billion-dollar industries we have opened.”

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About Donald Spector:
Donald Spector has opened up several billion industries.
Bristol-Myers Squibb set up a separate division for some of Spector’s patents including the first electronic air freshener, the Aroma Disc System. In fragrance technologies, Spector was also the inventor of Vent Fresh, the automotive air freshener. Spector’s Vent Clip has been a world leading consumer product for decades.

Spector’s patents range from the first known app for location-based advertising which became the basis for one of the first superapps, the first hyperbaric chamber for seeds, as well as hundreds of other patents and technologies. He has developed consumer products including those for Sony, Revlon, Sun Chemical, Disney, Remington, American Home Products, Barbie, WWF, and Symrise. Spector also invented groundbreaking technologies in medical and surgical instrumentation, telecommunications, and computers science.

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