Corporate Sisters Unite: Transformational Learning and Leaders to Pittsburgh, PA on October 14th
Corporate Sisters Unite: Transformational Learning and Leaders to Pittsburgh, PA on October 14th

Dr. Elizabeth “Dr. E” Carter, PhD, Your host

Special Guest Tiana Von Johnson, Million Dollar Brand Strategist and Coach

AAPPEAL, LLC presents Corporate Sisters Unite! Networking Brunch & Awards Celebration, with special guest Tiana Von Johnson, Million Dollar Brand Strategist.

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, September 9, 2023/ — The highly anticipated Corporate Sisters Unite Live Event is set to take place on October 14, 2023 at the Left Field Meeting Space, 116 Federal St. 4th floor, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212. This event promises to be an incredible opportunity for women in the corporate world to develop their skills, build their networks, and advance their careers.

The event is being organized by Dr. Elizabeth “Dr. E” Carter, an accomplished author, motivational speaker, and expert in personal development. Dr. Carter is passionate about empowering women in the corporate world to achieve their full potential. From shedding her childhood dream of being a lawyer, to drifting through her early working years trying to find her niche, she landed in Corporate America in finance, and has had a successful and stressful journey. She strives to be the voice and face she didn’t have during those stressful days.

“My company, AAPPEAL, is thrilled to be hosting this event,” said Dr. Carter. “The Corporate Sisters Unite Event is more than a conference; it’s a movement. Women from various backgrounds will gather to support and uplift one another. Our goal is to create a community of support and empowerment with an opportunity for collaboration, learning, and growth.”

A Full Day of Excellence will Include:

Unite! Session 1: “Leverage Your Scars of Endurance”

To endure is to remain firm under suffering or misfortune without yielding. Endurance is proven by making it here today, but there are scars, some permanent, many promising. During this session, Dr. E will help identify those scars and show the audience how to leverage them into strengths that will open new doors.

Unite! Session 2: “Million Dollar Brand, Million Dollar Plan: Strategies to Generate Millions Using Your Name”

Tiana Von Johnson is a self-made mogul, best-selling author, world-renowned speaker, and a coach to thousands of entrepreneurs across the world. A serial multi-business entrepreneur who at 27-years-old quit her 9-to-5 job, tried her hand at entrepreneurship and generated one million dollars her first year in business. She became the highest-paid, African-American real estate broker on Wall Street in New York City at one of the worst economic times in history. To date, she has trained over 10,000 entrepreneurs and corporate executives on how to brand their name, gifts, and passions. She is a powerful force, but strongly believes that she is just getting started.

Unite! Session 3: “You Can’t Spell Encouragement Without Courage”.

After a day of empowering learning from corporate leaders, Dr. E will lead the audience in an exercise of reflection, and the creation a “courage map” (not a road map) of change that can be implemented immediately.

Day includes recognition of the Co-Authors of the book anthology, “Letters To My Corporate Sisters”:

Willie Mae Starr-White, Sunita Uthra, Rebekah Ratliff, Carmen Moreno-Rivera, Debra Bell-Campbell, Dr. Pam Straker, Dr. Linda Jordan, Dr. Saundra Williams, Wendy Gomez and Rachel Brecht.

Plus honoring the Corporate Sisters “Triple E” Awardees who have exhibited the qualities of endurance, elevation, and encouragement through their work: Juanita Lomax, Founder of Hit Like A Girl, Janine Colinear, SVP of Finance of Highmark Health, Shelly Hammond, Vice President, Program Administration of The Advanced Leadership Institute, Angela Blair, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Champion, Nayli Russo-Long, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Champion, Sharnay Hearn Davis, Founder of Sisters Lifting as We Climb Network, and Danielle Parson, Visionary and Founder of the PWN (Professionals Women’s Network).

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Ticket Prices (Early Bird until Sept. 20th) General: $129 Includes Brunch | VIP: $159 Includes Brunch, VIP Seating, Photo Meet & Greet & Corporate Sisters Journal and Commemorative Book

Optional Post-Event Saturday: MCG Jazz Theater Featuring Musician Matthew Whitaker, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild

1815 Metropolitan Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15233 ( Includes tour, 1 drink ticket, Cost $70)

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